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Particle Path

16 votes

Converts the trajectories of the particles of a particle system into editable spline paths.


1 vote


This script is designed to quickly creation of realistic dust particles or dandelion fluff flying in the air based on the geometry.


RF Particles To Pwrapper

11 votes

This script allows you to add RF particles to a PWrapper

Particle Looper

6 votes

Loops the following particle systems:
- Super Spray
- Blizzard
- PArray
- PCloud

The advantage of using this over Peter Watje's 'Particles +' plugin is that you can use some of the default MAX particle systems in case you need to use instanced geometry. What sucks is that it's a big cheese workaround - but it does the trick! :)


15 votes

LSSpirograph was written as a tool to create interesting paths for particle emitters to follow. It was designed as an aid to special fx creation for Soul Forge. The script takes input - either from a drop down list of predetermined shapes - or from the sliders on the UI - and then creates two dimensional spline shapes - much like real SpiroGraphs do.

Pflow Particle Count in Viewport Switcher

18 votes

A simple script to adjust the pflow viewport particle count in all/selected particle flow sources.
It will change every pflow source or only selected sources viewport particle quantity multiplier either by the spinner or preset buttons. oh and dockable too...





FX Optimizer

3 votes

Maxscript basics #2 - loops, strings etc.

20 votes

Another introductory basic maxscript tutorial

Generating initial object data via pflow & maxscript

15 votes

Extremely simple tutorial, but the idea is ways to quickly generate objects via particle positions. In this case to randomly generate positions for objects to pre-roll before a dynamic sim.


9 votes

Creates a particle system with facemapped particles that look like smoke.

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