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This program allows you to create a unique fountain. The constituents of
the fountain are set in a group which name is indicated in the field
A fountain is made to be exported - and you can not have more than one
fountain in a scene at the moment of its creation. Several fountains can
then be merged in another scene.

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Just copy the files in the scripts directory of 3D Studio Max 3 or 4.
The file is in English language.
This script does not run with 3D Studio Max 2.x.

DOCUMENTATION ( main functions)
Density of the jet: supplies a parameter for drop size - the effect of which
only shows when rendering.

Power of the jet: acts on the speed of the particles to produce a jet more
or less violent.

Volume of the jet: allows to define the same particles count in the
viewports and in the rendering.

Height: coordinate in Z of the startpoint of the fountain jet.

Gravity: allows to define the gravity attraction.

Bounce: allows to define the bounce of the waterfall.

Wind Force: gives more or less wind force on the fountain jet.

Opacity: allows to control the transparency of the water.

Colour range: allows to control the opacity of the fountain jet according
to the droplets speed rate.

Name: allows to name the Fountain object.

4 buttons allow to carry out the following operations:
-Create: allows to create a fountain
-Reset: resets the scene
-Erase: destroys any fountain
-Export: Exports the fountain in a file with extension .max

This routine allows to quickly create a fountain. It keeps in memory
the value of the modified parameters during a session and detects the
parameters of an existing fountain in the scene. The script eventually
adapts itself to any new loaded scene containing a fountain without having
to be revalued. You just have to close and reopen the working window.

If a fountain exists in the scene - the script first invites you to delete
it before creating a new one. If you want to keep several fountains - you
have to rename the constituents of each fontain.

Version Requirement: 
4; 3
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