Particle Looper

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Loops the following particle systems:
- Super Spray
- Blizzard
- PArray
- PCloud

The advantage of using this over Peter Watje's 'Particles +' plugin is that you can use some of the default MAX particle systems in case you need to use instanced geometry. What sucks is that it's a big cheese workaround - but it does the trick! :)

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How in the heck do I use this thing?

- The Emitter Start and Stop range MUST be the EXACT same number of frames as the length of your animation. Example: animation length = 900f - Emitter Start = -300 - Emitter Stop = 600. The range between the start and stop is exactly 900 frames.
- I've found if you start the Emitter at a negative frame such as -300 - it works much better than starting at a positive frame.
- For a 900 frame animation - I've found that the Display Until and Life values should be set to 2000. This number will probably go up or down expodentially depending on the length of your animation.

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