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Make Spline Knots Planar

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Make Spline Knots Planar

Spline Poly Bind

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Creates an empty vertex-only object that you can deform with polybrushes (or any other editable-poly-friendly tool), and the splines will follow the deformation:

Spline Poly Influence

Photographic Composition guides

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I needed a quick way to align some architecture shots. I wanted to set some arbitrary placed guides, and also found that the similar tools available here were outdated, so i'm sharing it here.



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crumena is a tool launcher that allows you to organize the tools you use often.

Customize your workflow with crumena and get the best experience possible!

Please refer to the official website for details: https://crumena.jcgs.co.jp/


・Prepare installer
・Create "Views/crumena" menu
・Made the window size smaller than before

Free autorig

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Hi everyone. I want to share with you me new 3dsmax simple auto rig. I hope you enjoy it!

Add Cebas RenderElements

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Quick script, that allow user to add Cebas Render Elements to list (FinalToon_Lines, and tP smoke Renderelements). The script will take care if the pluggin are installed or not, so no need to have both installed to use it...

Very usefull, specially when using Vray as renderer, since these REs will not be listed on RE manager...


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Parkalot is a quick-merging tool I've been personally using for ages within 3Ds Max.

Parkalot lets you 'park' your object in a quick and user-friendly way. Simply name the project and file, and 'unpark' the scene where you need it!

Perfect for keeping your scene merging or object sharing between artists quickly and easily.

Make sure to set up a 'parking' directory for use between different max versions(or artists).

Any feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!


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P_MorpherHelper is a script to support the basic Morpher modifier of 3ds max. It is recommended to use it with a basic Morpher modifier.

-Simple Morpher Listener
   (This is a Very simple listener, but you can control up to 80 channels at the same time without difficult settings of any Morpher Objects.)
-Move Multiple Channel
-Multi Extract
-Multi Reload By Name

Prepare object for UE4

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This simple macroscript prepare selected objects to export to unreal engine.

Select objects and execute the macro script will do the nexts steps for all of them:

- Center pivot on Z base
- World align pivot
- Reset Xform
- Convert to Edit Poly
- Callapse to Editable Poly

Measure Distance-Extend

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this Script for Measuring the Distance between 2 points (Similar to 3ds Max Measure Distance Tool), But with Projection Distance on X,Y and Z Axis - to exit Script window press Escape . How to Install: Drop it to any 3dsmax viewport or from Scripting menu / run Script you will find it in _My Scripts_ Category. How it Works: this is MacroScript so you need to make shortcut or quad menu or toolbar button to it better to make shortcut to it something like (Alt+M) Execute the macro and pick 2 points .

UPDATE v1.1 :