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RealWorld Resizer

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Real-World size in texture aspect ratio

PolyDamage for 3dsMax

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PolyDamage plugin is a tool to quickly add damage and imperfections to models. Nothing is perfect in real life, so adding damage to your models make them look more realistic. PolyDamage is a quick alternative to manually sculpting damage with other software packages. PolyDamage adds an extra realism to concrete walls, grounds, stones, columns. PolyDamage quickly adds damage to corners and edges.

FS Scene Converter (FStorm)

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FS Converter is a scene convertor to come back from FStorm renderer or to only convert some objects.

This converter allow to convert all the Fstorm renderer feature to Vray or Corona and Redshift.

It's not a simplicity converter, it's keep all the compatible settings...
Compatible: Fstorm Camera, Fstorm materials, Fstorm proxie, Fstorm Lights (including SunLight), Fstorm Displacement...

Convert all the scene or only selected Object... See how many instance it's necessary to convert...

Real time informations for the convertion state.

matP_Atan2 (thinkingParticles Helper Node)

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A Simple implementation of Atan2(B,A) inside tP since none of 3dsMAX Expression Techniques or tP Math Helpers allow us to do a Atan2.
It support Degrees or Radians returning Value.

installation : 
copy paste the script inside <3dsMAX root>\scripts\startup folder, restart 3dsMAX, done!


Select spline segments by matID

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With this script you can select splines' segments by matID.
There are two methods of selection:
- "Use IDs of selected segments" - select some segments and press the [Select] button. The script will find the matIDs of the selected segments and will select all other segments with the same matIDs.
- "Use IDs typed below" - type as many matIDs as you want in the field(separate matIDs with comma) and press the [Select] button. The script will select all segments with the matIDs entered by you.


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Enhance your Slate Material Editor

[Raytools] Viewport switch

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I am a UG user When I changing viewport in 3Ds Max is not very convenient. It made me remind UG viewport function. So I made this.

Installation and user guide video for China user:


Custom Normals Tool

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[Raytools] Raygo Layer Manager

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Raygo Layer Manager is base on Layer Man's concept. It fully manipulates the Layer Explorer. And make things became easier and humanity. I believe that you will have a good experience when you use it! I going to publish it and I need someone test and share the news. So, I provide 20 users for the free test. If you want to try it, please e-mail me! [email protected]


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Cut-connect two selected verts or edges of the current Editable poly object.