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3DS Max Multi/Sub-Object Material Browser Script

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When dealing with various bitmaps to be applied on multiple objects (i.e large video walls), this script comes really handy. The purpose is to scroll through the Multi/Sub-Object Material diffuse bitmaps and apply on one or several objects.

Change Log:
v0.9b :

  • Bug Fix.
  • Added icons and macroscript.
  • v0.9a :

  • SubObject Support.
  • Preview before applying.
  • Improved Code and functionality.
  • New features added.
  • Check Total Lengths SplineShape

    74 votes

    This simple and funny script, you can measure the total length, check the number of segments and the Knot of SplineShape. Very useful :)


    3ds Max 8 Quick Walk Through v1.0.0

    9 votes

    QUICK WALK THROUGH V 1.0.0. is for architectural visualization. In this version the script can detect 7 PivotDoors (PivotDoor01 to PivotDoor07) and 7 CasementWindows (CasementWindow01 to CasementWindow07). Using Keyboard Camera can be rotated in the x-axis also. Mouse can be used while Auto Key is on.

    3ds max 9 Ambient/Reflective Occlusion Assigner

    8 votes

    This script will only work when the scene renderer is set to Mentalray.The script assigns mentalray Ambient/Reflective occlusion map to ambient channel of the selected objets material. The selected object's material can be multimaterial or standart material other material types are not supported yet.

    Align Multiple Objects

    2 votes

    Align Multiple Objects - 3dsmax script


    Align to Faces

    0 votes

    A 3ds Max Script for Aligning Selected Objects to Picked Object's Faces .
    for more details check the download link .

    Animate street moving and racetracks in 3ds Max

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    The script "Trajectory" animates a single vehicle on the street or racetrack.
    It updates the bodie's z_rotation, front weels' z_rotation, wheels' y_rotation and
    car's position.
    Supports acceleration (acceleration control), time control, creation of custom car rigs,shortest distance or higher speed moving path, engine audio.
    The audio need to be tuned and maybe improved in next editions.
    In newer versions of 3ds Max you need to click 2 times in the viewport, when you create the 1 st vertex of the shapes (arcs and lines - watch the video).

    Animation Trajectory Volume

    3 votes

    This script helps you create an aproximate mesh that covers the animated object (transforming or deforming) through the animation range.

    It can come in handy:

    -When trying to build an environment around your animatedcharacter for example.

    -or to see how your animation flows instead of using the normal line trajectory.

    -also to know the dimention that our charachter are moving in to build FumeFX container or other fx stuff.

    It's based on Blob mesh so:

    Attaching objects to particles

    25 votes

    Tutorial on attaching objects to particles. Essentially using physical objects, but having particles drive their animation.

    Automatic Roof - Tetto Automatico

    15 votes

    this script allows to fill up a stratum of the roof of space coordinate goblets being inserted three them in order to characterize the stratum plan

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