3ds max 9 Ambient/Reflective Occlusion Assigner

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Sava? Çetin

This script will only work when the scene renderer is set to Mentalray.The script assigns mentalray Ambient/Reflective occlusion map to ambient channel of the selected objets material. The selected object's material can be multimaterial or standart material other material types are not supported yet.

Additional Info: 

Make sure to backup your scene before using the script. Outhor is not responsible for any kind of data loss because of the script usage..

Once you run the script you can find it under "medit tools" catagory under "Cutomize>Customize User Interface> Toolbars" tab, and use as a button. The options of the script is much the same as the Ambient/reflective Occlusion map's options.You can change settings from the script ui. You have to press assign button in order to apply changes.

v.02  now supports arch and desgin material 

Version Requirement: 
Max 9
Other Software Required: 
3ds Max 9r higher
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assign_mi_ambient(64bit).ms8.16 KB
assign_mi_ambient(32bit).ms8.64 KB
assign_mi_ambient(64bit)2008v.02.ms9.11 KB