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2 Point Coordinate System

10 votes

Lets you create new Coordinate System based on two points clicked in Top view.

3 Point Coordinate System

10 votes

Lets you create new Coordinate System based on three points clicked anywhere in 3d space - pretty handy when modeling.

Advanced Painter

258 votes

Advanced Painter is a modular brush-based distribution tool derrived from the Nature Painter script. This tool comes with 7 inks:

  • Grass: to create grasses; Grass: to create simple grasses
  • Hair [new]: used to create simple hair/fur (or as guide hair for Shag:Hair
  • Randomizer [new]: a variation of Scatterer used to randomly distribute a selection of objects.
  • Stone: to create simple stones and peebles.
  • Spaghetti: spaghetties, noodles, wires and other long things maker.

Affect Pivot and Center Pivot

28 votes

This script contains an Affect Pivot - and a Center Pivot. It works similar to Maya's Affect Pivot. You need to assign it to a hotkey - or put it in a Quad Menu.
Once you have executed Affect Pivot - click anywhere you want the pivot point to be located. TIP: Works great with snaps. Center Pivot does just that. It also works with multiple selections.

AlignViewToFace Right-Click Menu

6 votes

Implements an additional RightClick Menu option when a single Object is selected. It lets you align an Isometric User View to an object's face. Please read the notes in the source. Thanks to Richard Green (Artbot) and E.K. Anna Hennequet for the idea.

Animation Trajectory Volume

3 votes

This script helps you create an aproximate mesh that covers the animated object (transforming or deforming) through the animation range.

It can come in handy:

-When trying to build an environment around your animatedcharacter for example.

-or to see how your animation flows instead of using the normal line trajectory.

-also to know the dimention that our charachter are moving in to build FumeFX container or other fx stuff.

It's based on Blob mesh so:

Architectural Selection Tools

10 votes

AST was written to help in working with editable poly objects on architectural models. It replaces 'poly size selector'. It allows selection of polygons by their size - and edges by their length and orientation.

Attach All Selection ( maxscript )

0 votes

- Attaches selected objects
- Attaches groups and splines to a single geometry
- Create a button or assign a script to a hotkey


11 votes

Takes your current selection and attaches the objects together. Works on geometry and splines.


6 votes

Takes a selection of objects and attaches them into one object.

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