Architectural Selection Tools

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AST was written to help in working with editable poly objects on architectural models. It replaces 'poly size selector'. It allows selection of polygons by their size - and edges by their length and orientation.

Additional Info: 

Formerly called 'Poly Size Selector'

Concepts -
- Read the sizes of the polygons on your model using Get Polygons.
- Select polygons on your model using Set Polygons.
- Select edges based on their orientation in X - Y and Z.
- Read the sizes of the edges on your model using Get Edges by Size.
- Select edges on your model using Set Edges by Size.

Notes -
- AST only works on Editable Poly objects. I have no plans to add editable meshes at this time. The script will only run if you have an editable poly object selected.

- Due to the fact that figures will be rounded when they are in the spinners - you may need to nudge the Min figures down slightly and the Max figures up slightly to collect all the polygons/edges you need.

- Edge operations will still work when in polygon mode - but you will not see the effects until you change into edge mode - and vice versa.

- I plan on adding polygon selection by orientation.

Version Requirement: 
8; 7
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