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Wall Worm Model Tools

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 A Hammer User's Guide to 3ds Max Wall Worm is the complete Source Engine Pipeline. With extensive exporters, importers, model, material and level design tools, Wall Worm makes working with the Source Engine fun.

Key Features

    DeformByProjecting Utility

    7 votes

    DeformByProjecting is a scripted utility for 3dsmax that allows deform one or more objects by projecting mesh verticies on the surface of another object (preform). The basic idea is similar to Conform (Compound Object), but functionality DeformByProjecting utility has differences and features:


    16 votes

    Fixed bug in multiattach
    Add Create line-shape from 2 selected vertex by Esc pressed + detach key
    Add Weld knots of splineshape with threshold 0.002
    Fast multiattach: improved algorithm multiattach

    Добавлено создание линии-сплайна из 2 выделенных вершин по нажатию Esc + кнопка детача
    Добавлен Weld узлов сплайна с допуском 0.002
    Быстрый мультиаттач: улучшен алгоритм мультиаттача

    Using single hotkey for Attach/Detach
    Используя единственную горячую кнопку для Attach/Detach

    rapidTools toolset

    26 votes

    The Download is now live on the rapidTools website!


    miauu's Script Pack vol.1

    13 votes

    miauu's Script Pack is a set of scripts that will help you to make faster and easier some of the tedious task when you use 3ds Max.

    miauu's Script Pack include:

    Mesh Insert

    5 votes

    Mesh Insert is a new 3dsmax plugin inspired from Polystein for Modo ( http://pushingpoints.com/v2/the-pushing-points-polystein-kit-for-modo/ ). It speeds up your modeling process by replacing face selections by an asset from your library.

    Features :

    Straighten Edge

    62 votes

    Straighten Edge – MAX script, allows to project and after it to place selected vertex/edges on the given straight line on the Editable Poly object, Edit Poly modifier and Editable Spline & Line objects.


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    v.9.44 Fixed Converttopoly
    v.9.42 Remove T-vertex

    v.9.41 Overlaped faces
    If selected all faces,
    will be find and select overlaped faces
    To setup tolerance press Esc+Key of script

    Если выделены все грани, будут найдены и выделены перекрывающиеся грани.
    Для настройки расстояния отклонения нажать Esc+Кнопку скрипта.

    And all this works by single button

    Subobjects Converter

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    v3.03 Fixed bug of Subobject 5
    Added Select All Hard Edges by pressed Esc+2 If current subobject is Edges and not selected edges
    Добавлено выделение всех жёстких рёбер по нажатию Esc+2 При условии что подобъект в данный момент это рёбра и не выделено ни одного ребра.

    If Esc+Key of script keyboard pressed and current subobjectlevel is 4 or 5 (Face or Element) and selected all faces then will run Smoothing Groups floater (a separate special window)


    8 votes

    v2.02 Fixed bugs

    The script welds automatically all vertices of border.
    Этот инструмент автоматически спаивает вершины краёв.

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