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If you would like to learn more about MAXScript, there are currently several affordable training options available to suit nearly any budget.

  • CG Academy Training DVD's

    Note: The first DVD in the Intermediate series requires no previous programming experience prior to viewing, it has been designed to allow novice scipters easy access.

    Variables, Macroscripts & Functions by Laszlo Sebo
    Maxscript for the Masses
    Maxscript Fundamentals Set

    The Matrix: Explained

    Visit for further details and directions on how to purchase.
  • 3ds Max MAXScript Essentials by Autodesk

    MAXScript Essentials presents the core scripting techniques that every 3ds Max professional needs in their toolkit.

    Visit to purchase
  • MAXScript Made Easy by Michelle Bousquet

    Learn the basics of MAXScript, the 3ds max scripting language, with this easy-to-follow book. Create a custom user interface and manipulate objects with this powerful programming language. You'll also learn to navigate the MAXScript User Reference and create parametric objects.

    Visit for further details and directions on how to purchase.
  • MAXScript 101 by John Wainwright

    John Wainwright, the creator of MAXScript, has just released a new introductory video course on MAXScript. It comprises about 3 1/2 hours of 800 x 600 digital video, covering the fundamentals of scripting and presenting an introduction to the main features of the language. It shows how they can be used to perform tasks like scene generation, animation, material mapping, mesh export, etc. and how to build these into tools with custom dialog windows.

    The course can be used by artists and animators without any prior programming or scripting experience to learn scripting from scratch, or by those experienced in other languages to gain a quick and practical introduction to MAXScript's features.

    Visit for details and video previews.


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fajar's picture

well admin how if the next

well admin how if the next 10 anniversary for this blog you give this tutorial (commercial) to anyone who won the contest making good free max script or anything else way !

how's my idea!!? hehehehehehehehe!!....

mbousquet's picture

Hi well, the comment about

Hi well, the comment about MAXScript Made Easy was made two years ago, but I thought I'd respond anyway. MAXScript Made Easy is totally a beginners book, and I'm sorry your experience with it wasn't what you expected. The references to the Help are to allow the reader to explore what they want to explore, and not have to wade through pages of my blathering if they aren't interested.

If you're an intermediate user, then yes, this book is not for you. Let me know if you want a refund, and I'll be glad to send it to you.

Sorry to disappoint, and I hope you found the training tools you were looking for.


masquerade's picture

I have watched Maxscript

I have watched Maxscript Fundamentals set. I think it is a pretty good way to start.For the foreigners whose native language is other than english; Laszlo's pronouncations is pretty good by the way, it is easy to follow him.First DVD is very helpful to get a general idea what can be done through maxscript and I think it is very good especially people who do not know any other programming language and started to say things like "There must be an easier way to do that"

Concerning the other DVD I dont even have to mention Bobo's extensive knowledge. I believe there are not so many people who heard the word maxscript and doesnt know Bobo.


Lele's picture

I have watched MaxScript 101

I have watched MaxScript 101 and found it priceless.
It really made me grow a lot during the following two weeks.

Still to the day I consult it for some clever way to go about things, some terse notation to express simple cycles and save screen estate / gain readability, or simply to learn the art of making video-tutorials...

Couldn't recommend it more. 



ObsidianPC's picture

Regarding MAXScript Made Easy

I have not tried out MaxScript 101 or the CG Academy DVDs, but I did purchase the MAXScript Made Easy eBook, and I was very dissapointed.

- There was some horrible proprietary "Adobe Digital Editions" reader that the eBook forced me to use, which is buggy and has some sort of Flash interface that is constantly changing -- hiding and showing menus and buttons as you mouse over. Totally unsuitable for a training manual.

- There was one useful example in the book - about making a scripted extension that creates a football-field primative object. The rest of the eBook was alright advice, but not something I would sell - it's more of the quality you see on websites if you Google "MaxScript"

- Most of the advice was in this format: "Here's something pretty neat. To learn how to do something useful, read this area of the help: " followed by keywords.

I really feel as if I paid good money for a 3rd party Table Of Contents for the Autodesk help file. It already has a Table of Contents, and it already has much more insightful tutorials than in this book.

Overall, not a bad intro for COMPLETE beginners, but I'd recommend going through the help file's tutorials instead of paying for this.


To add context, I am not a scripting beginner - I am transitioning from scripting in Maya and other environments to MaxScript.



Alex H.


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