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3DS Max - V-Ray - MultiMatteElement Render Element

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In this video, we will learn about a powerful render element, used for masking, called MultiMatteElement. This render element has an advantage over other masking tools, and that is its ability to include the Antialiasing part. We will learn how to set it up, how to use it in Photoshop, and its various parameters.

3DS Max - Animation - Rotate A Texture Using A Dummy And Wire Parameters

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In this 3DS Max tutorial, we will see how we can control the rotation of a texture using a Dummy helper and the powerful tool called Wire Parameters.

Lesson 13 - 3DS Max - Total Beginners - Intro To TurboSmooth - Part 1

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In this tutorial, we will learn about TurboSmooth modifier, what's for, how it works, how to use support edges to constraint the smoothing to specific parts of the model, and finally a quick explanation of why professionals recommend keeping your polygons as quads(= 4-sided polygons).

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