Reset 3DS Max Windows

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A tiny little script to reset 3DS Max “floating” Windows to position 0,0 in upper left when they are gone or out of range.
Just give me a note or comment to add more floaters since i guess i have missed some of them, or just add the line(s)yourself to the script and upload the file again ;o)

Viewport Maxscript Editor

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I'm happy to release a new script that allows you to create scripts using objects in max's viewport. It was written with the idea that it could replace the long outdated and basically useless "Visual Maxscript Editor" - it's even named the same acronym.

VME also 'imports' a PSD and converts it to a .MS file, if the PSDs layers are named correctly.

You can follow the development here:

Here is a shot of the UI:

Material Layer Interface MLI

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3 new versions and reduced prices: MLI Light 2.0, MLI 2.0, MLI Pro 2.0

With the Material Layer Interface (MLI) you can create Material Layers and passes in 3D Studio Max and it’s easy to handle them!


Just create the layers and pick the objects. Assign materials to the objects and feel free to use different renderer or render settings for every single layer.

Pipeline TD needed for Scanline VFX

Scanline VFX is currently hiring for our Los Angeles studio.

Pipeline Developer

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Works with the Head of Technology to architect and develop production tools and supporting modules in a Max and/or Mel scripting language environment. Primary responsibilities include automating the use of Flowline, our proprietary, Academy Award-winning simulation software -- connecting it to our asset management system and creating an optimized workflow according to long-term and production-specific needs.

Education, Experience and Skills Required:


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Chaos Group Announces Acquisition of U.S. Based Software Developer, ASGVIS

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Chaos Group of Sofia, Bulgaria – the world leader in the development of software solutions for the computer graphics industry – has acquired Baltimore-based software developer and visualization firm, ASGVIS, LLC. The acquisition will consolidate V-Ray for Rhino and V-Ray for SketchUp development within the Chaos Group brand, and confirms establishment of a new Chaos Group company in the United States that will enhance services and support to customers in North America.

Merge By Layer

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Merge By Layer 0.4

A self explained script, I think. Enjoy

ghostTown Lite

491 votes


ghostTown 0.21 Lite Beta for 3ds Max 2011

Blueprint Manager - create reference image planes for modeling in 3ds Max

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Blueprint Manager script allows you to automatically set up and manage
reference image planes from a set of blueprints.

Blueprint Manager is a MAXScript which automatically creates a set of mapped planes from a series of blueprint images, sets their object properties to non renderable, backface culling on, and show frozen in gray off, and places them in proper position.


53 votes

This script utilizes new EffectID property of the VrayMaterials in Vray 2.0 and creates MultiMatte render elements for the all or for the selected objects' Vray materials and assigns proper values to their Effects ID property.

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