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Uv By Element Modifier

8 votes

UV by element is a scripted modifier plugin. It will offset, rotate, and/or scale the UV coordinates of each element by a pseudo-random amount.

Box 2 (extended primitive)

0 votes

It's an extended box primitive that adds two options to keep the same value on the three axis :
-Lock size
-Lock subdivision

GizmoUnify modifier

0 votes

This scripted plug-in was wanted in the forum.
It simply unifies the gizmo of instanced modifiers.

BCS_Projector (Boxify-Cylindrify-Spherify)

2 votes

With this modifier, you can project your object into either a box, a cylinder or a sphere.

In box mode, you will have ability to modify the width, length and height.

In cylinder mode, you can change the radius, the height and the direction.

In Sphere mode, you can only change the radius.

There is also a global parameter in percentage that control the overall deformation effect.

Push 2

6 votes

This scripted plug-in was wanted in the forum. It is like the original push modifier but with the option "Straighten Corners" of the shell modifier. You can "push in" and "push out".   -- Update V1.4a --


Quad Cylinder

6 votes

With this scripted plug-in, you can create cylinders with quad topology on the cap. That is often usefull when you apply a subdivision like MeshSmooth or TurboSmooth. And the parameters are animatable.

Normalize Spline

13 votes

This scripted plug-in normalizes a spline by number of segments instead of the segments length. With options to show the vertex ticks, to close the splines, and optimize by deleting points relative to an angle threshold.


33 votes

Custom manipulator objects like spline curves for rigging controls.

Great Tentacle!

17 votes

This is a great tentacle rig written by Felix Joleanes. The only issue I have with it is that It would be nice if the sin wave worked on more that one axis, ex: x,y,z
If anyone could help me figure out how to make this adjustment to this script that would be awesome! Either way it is a powerful script for using bones to rig a tentacle. I am planning to use a blend bone between this wave rig by Felix and an Ik system. If anyone could help me out that would be GREAT!


52 votes

The SShadersVMetal2 is integrated right into 3ds Max and becomes one of the Material options available within the Material Editor. It is expertly programmed Shader that control many components of the V-Ray Material based on specific Material criteria. You can customize everyone Preset flexibly and, the main thing, quickly, to adapt for the needs. This Metal Shader exposes only the settings that are important to creating a highly realistic and optimized material.