GizmoUnify modifier

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This scripted plug-in was wanted in the forum.
It simply unifies the gizmo of instanced modifiers.

Additional Info: 

You can look at this address. (in the forum)

it automatically aligns the instanced modifiers of the current object with the others.
All the settings and the order of the modifier stack are preserved.
It only works with instanced modifiers.


I have two small tips to optimize the workflow :
1- It will be faster by applying the UnifyGizmo mod at the higher level in the modifier stack (as modifier n°1).
In this way, each time you select an object, the UnifyGizmo mod will be activated and updated.

2- If you really have a lot of objects to update with the UnifyGizmo mod as first modifier, select all the objects you want to update and execute this two lines in the Maxscript Listener:
sel = selection as array
for i in sel do select i

--(It will select each object individually and update it.)

 Update V1.5 :

-I added a button "update" that contains the two lines of script, so you just need to select all the objects that have the UnifyGizmo mod instanced on the top of the modifier stack and click on "update". 


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