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a script I made because I really wanted to create a model turn that would be flexable and easy. Also I got sick of creating one manually. So here you go.

Add Inbetween

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Adds an inbetween key at the time-slider time. The value of the new key is a mix of the previous and next keys' values. The mix percentage can be controlled with the "Change In-Between Percentage" tool.


This tool is a macroscript (see this article on macroscripts and how to install them). After you run the script file, the 2 macroscripts will be available in max's customize window under "Os Tools" category.



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This script allows you to take a selected object and add an attachment controller by dragging to the object you want to attach to

After Effects transforms exporter

7 votes

Here is a free tool for copying animation from 3ds Max into After Effects via the clipboard, and the native AE clipboard data. You will be able to copy and paste keyframe data for position, rotation and scale from 3ds Max onto objects in AE.

Ani Baked

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Ani Baked (animation tool for creating keys on every-frame)

Similar to Cache Bar except this isn't using any cache files. This allows you to make key frames on your object at every frame. Great way to take procedural animation and make keys out of it. Works on your selection.

Automatically bake the animation to a point helper or to the Original Object. After baking down the animation you can clean up the keys.

Ani pose

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Anipose is a small util for making the task of repeatable poses in animation (ani - pose ..... do you see?) much simpler. Take for instance a hand. It can make many different poses - and you'll probably be using them time and again. So instead of having to reanimate them every time you can use anipose.

Anim Range

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A quick utility to set the animation ranges. Original code written by Swami. I just stripped it down for my needs. All credit goes to him.

Anim to keyframe convertor

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This simple script help you to convert your animation to keyframes. This script supports:

 — Transform Animations (Move, Rotate and Scale)

 — Linked Animations

 — Constraints

 — Point Cache

 — PFSource

 — 3ds Max Hair & Fur

 — Populate

Animated Align

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This script keys the alignment of one object to another over a specified period of time. The user can chose to align the position - rotation and scale independantly or combined. Both the step size and frame range are user definable. It is very useful for keying objects on every frame for game exports.

animated align dummy

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my hack for creating a helper that is aligned to a object not by means of PRS controllers but actual vertex points on the mesh.

useful for adding dummies for lights that are linked to pointcached objects.

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