360 MultiCubeMap BatchRender

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Guillaume Lebourg

360 MultiCubeMap BatchRender is a script for Generate a 6-cameraRig and render individual Cubemaps automatically with Full VRAY Support including Render Elements.

It can be very useful to render several cubemaps in 360 in one single scene. Both Single frame or animation.

Supports VRAY only.

 Update 1.5.0

FIX Equilateral Render
ADD Project Name Folder
ADD File Render Extension - JPEG / Tiff / PNG / EXR / TGA

 Update 1.3.2

  • UPDATE Now Render only 360 cams and not all the cams in scene.
  • NEW Equi Render : Can render one Front-Oriented Equilateral por CameraRIG in batch. deactivate animation mode automatically.
  • NEW All Renders are now distributed to their Folder and subfolders
  • NEW Now checks if 1:1 resolutions is true before batching.
  • UPDATE Viewport layout Function
  • ADD some Tooltips and security checks.
  •  Update 1.3.0

    • ALL Better compatibility with all type of scenes ( architectural and animation oriented)
    • NEW Points and cameras have now unique names
    • NEW Script now only supports 10 cameraRigs in the same scene.
    • NEW Script now detects if points are treated and increment names ( must be one by one )
      UPDATE Delete cameras and Points button now clean only the cameras and points relative to 360 multicams. ( had conflicts with deleting all user-created cameras and points)
    • UPDATE Create Cameras Rig button now create cameras only on points created with script, (had conflicts with animation  point helpers)

    Update 1.1.0

    • ADD Animation Mode
    • ADD Timeline Render
    • ADD Range animation Render
    • ADD VRAY Presets (Alpha) 
    • ADD Filter Resolutions in animation Mode
    • ADD Custom CubeMap Size Output
    • ADD Vray Progressive image sampler override
    • ADD Frame Rendered Display in Single Frame Rendering Mode
    • ADD Plugin now check if vray is current renderer
    • ADD Automatically Closed Rendered Frames after Batch
    • ADD Warning Message for Resolution output in animation Mode
    • ADD Features and Updates
    • ADD Silent Mode
    • FIX RenderOutput Open Function should work on any configurations.
    • FIX Set VRAY button - Disabled when pressed , now activate all VRay Menus.
    • FIX  VRAY overrides doesnt work in the first launch. disabled until check if vray is current Renderer
      UPDATE Vray overrides saves the parameters before making any changes and rollback if you deactivate the overrides.
    • UI Update and cleaning

    Release 1.0

    • Generate Cubemaps CameraRigs from Point Helpers
    • Batch Render Cubemaps in RenderOutput Project Folder
    • Vray Lightcache subdivs Override
    • Vray Time Render Override
    • Clean Cameras and Helpers in scene (alpha)


    Additional Info: 

    Requires Max 2016 or later + Vray

    Installation :
    Drag and drop to your viewport to run the script
    Customize button -> customize User Interface -> toolbars -> create new toolbar
    Search for the script under Sacrebleu Studio " 360 Cubemap"

    Render Presets for Vray : Place them in renderpresets folder of your project

    For any changes or comments : please contact us.

    Version Requirement: 
    3DSMax 2016 or later
    Other Software Required: 
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