Manipulate System - Beta Stage

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This script lets you manipulate almost every max primitives and lights. It adds 2 new entry in your RCMenu : 'Manipulate' & 'un-manip'.

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Use : Select a Spot-light - Rclick and manipulate it - 4 dummies then appear. Using local coords - you can now move those dummies arround to change the Spot HotSpot - Falloff and Ranges. Once done - Rclick 'Un-Manip'. It also works on Box - sphere and other prims.

Note: 3dsmax 4.0 now has a much better - fully integrated - manipulate system... That means this script will Not be updated.

BE AWARE : This is Beta Stage since MAX 2.x - and is rather provided as an example of
what can be achieved using MXS handlers.

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