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LSSpirograph was written as a tool to create interesting paths for particle emitters to follow. It was designed as an aid to special fx creation for Soul Forge. The script takes input - either from a drop down list of predetermined shapes - or from the sliders on the UI - and then creates two dimensional spline shapes - much like real SpiroGraphs do.

Generating initial object data via pflow & maxscript

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Extremely simple tutorial, but the idea is ways to quickly generate objects via particle positions. In this case to randomly generate positions for objects to pre-roll before a dynamic sim.


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Per vertex particles, birth & vector script
If u need to build with particles (...I need!) and u have no plugins doing it,
it's the time to start coding!

U can use this file for your application, remeber to collapse or assign an 'edit mesh' to your Container (this is the name for your mesh) Ciao!


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Simple script for fume fx, if you wish to run a simulation, and after the sim have it render it.
I wrote it just so if I'm going to lunch, I can crank up the detail on my sim, run the script - and whilst I am gone, it will simulate my fluids, and then render it out. And then when I get back to my desk I'll have a render ready to review of my simulation.


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This program allows you to create a unique fountain. The constituents of
the fountain are set in a group which name is indicated in the field
A fountain is made to be exported - and you can not have more than one
fountain in a scene at the moment of its creation. Several fountains can
then be merged in another scene.

RF Particles To Pwrapper

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This script allows you to add RF particles to a PWrapper

Particle test code

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Test code for a script particle system. It works and can generate particles of different types. Also has gravity and wind resistance. Maybe someeon will take it somewhere?


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Creates a particle system with facemapped particles that look like smoke.


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creates a mesher compound object - pick the selected particle as the source - offsets the particle system - and make it non renderable

Particle Cloner

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Clones a particle array a user-specified number of times - changing the random number seed values for each instance.

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