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This Script is a complete package for building game levels in max - and is an essential tool for building Half-Life - Counter-Strike and Quake Levels. Building your level is easy - all you have to do is draw where you want your walls to be created - and then click on the walls where you would like doors or windows placed. Floors can be created with a single click and then copied to make ceilings.

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NOTE: If you think Game Level Builder 2.2 looks useful you should check out the modestly priced commercial version of GLB 3 and the soon to be released GLB 4.

GLB2 is very useful for making buildings of any kind in max. You can make pipes or any other loft based object with the PipeMax script (included). It's possible with PipeMax to make - Pipes - Tunnels - Arches - Roofs - Stairs - and even any lathe type object such as a hollow sphere or vase. GLB2 includes 'Handy Cam' a first person camera that lets you walk around your level easily. 'Handy Cam' can be set to create a spline along the path of the camera - which can then be used to make roller-coaster shaped walls or pipes. Another use for this path is to render walkthroughs of your level. Ever wanted to make a fly through animation of a building but found moving and keyframing the camera a pain - well not anymore.

GLB2.2 now comes with Map Exporter 1.0 Limited Edition -
so your levels can be exported to .map files in seconds - allowing you to add entities in
WorldCraft or a similar level editior. Map Exporter LE can export spotlights and any convex object
such as cylinders with 30 sides.

Whats NEW in version 2.22:

- Updated Map Exporter LE so map files are now compatible with GTK Radiant.
- All walls are now made convex - so you don't have to worry so much about making walls turn on the level to stop twisted faces.
- Floor tool has been improved so that floors created on slopes work more reliably.
- Holes that could sometimes occur in floors due to a spline not being correctly extruded have been fixed. Floor pieces are now editable meshes - not extruded splines.
- gmax and 3dsmax versions now packaged together

Version Requirement: 
8-3; VIZ 2006-3i; gmax 1.x
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Awesome Script

This comment is a few years overdue... but Maple3D's level building tools are awesome. By the time I jumped onto the scene, GLB (on this page) is older. But Maple3D released a full-fledged map-building tool called Convexity that I can't imagine living without anymore!

Anyway, Michael hasn't listed his Convexity on here yet but it's cool enough that I wanted to link to it from this older version. If you want to do almost all of your level design inside of Max, then you need Convexity at .

I am extremely happy with the program and recommend it to any level designer who uses 3DS Max. I wrote up a more detailed review at .

Shawn Olson

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