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Anaglyph Previewer

42 votes

Batch Camera Previews

2 votes

This script will render out via "Preview - Grab Viewport" for multiple cameras at once. Useful if you create preview cameras a lot, or need to make multiples at once.


1. Run script

2. In Max goto "Customize->Customize User Interface...->Toolbars tab->Category: ColinScripts->OpenGL Previews" and drag "OpenGL Previews" to a toolbar, click to run.


6 votes

Helps with projects such as ride films - where there's a lot of geometry that gets processed needlessly. Basically - if an object isn't visible to the camera at a given frame - (like you've already passed it and it's behind the camera now) it's still getting analyzed during the preparing objects stage - wasting render time.


6 votes

Activates the scene cameras one after another - forward or backward.
Original idea by Sam O'Hare...

Camera Animator

12 votes

This script creates a new animated camera that animates along the scene cameras. Every position and rotation is stored in an animation key. It lets you render a number of cameras without making numerous network renderjobs or having to set up the video post every time.

Camera Cutter

9 votes

"This utility lets you specify when to cut between any number of cameras and creates a new camera animated to that effect. This is not a replacement for Video Post camera cutting for final rendering - but rather a way to view cuts directly in the viewports - and for previews."

Camera I/O

32 votes

Camera Import Export tool. This script makes possible camera transfer between MAYA MAX and LIGHTWAVE.  Suported properties are Position, Orientation, Lens, Render W/H, FilmBack, Aspect ratios. Final result is 100% match in render image. Camera is with preserved  time and mesurment UNITS, Corect Up axis.

Now The final release is done (i hope). I did 2 versions of the script, furst is constrain based transfer (motion blur and gimble lock issue), other version is rotation based. Both do the same.

Camera Location

5 votes

A simple script that facilitates the modification of XYZ values of cameras but instead of picking from the selection floater (or the Select by name screen) - you can select form a cameras-only list and change the values on the fly. Press the Switch to camera button to view the changes from the camera view. View screenshot

Camera Manager

8 votes

This script allows you to control a single camera called 'cameraMain' by 'Target (ie: 2 point)' cameras and frame ranges. You specify any number of shots - the frame range for each shot - and which camera is used for each shot. cameraMain is then automatically updated during scrubbing - playback - rendering - previews - etc... so that it will take on the properties of the proper shot camera.

Camera Manager

8 votes

"A small camera manager. Allows you to select a camera from a list - make the active viewport display that camera - also displays a small preview of that camera.
Version 0.4 update: inteface updates to reflect change in scene selection. "

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