Camera Manager

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This script allows you to control a single camera called 'cameraMain' by 'Target (ie: 2 point)' cameras and frame ranges. You specify any number of shots - the frame range for each shot - and which camera is used for each shot. cameraMain is then automatically updated during scrubbing - playback - rendering - previews - etc... so that it will take on the properties of the proper shot camera. Works in realtime. The S|#|E buttons also allow you to quickly set the time slider/animation range to any shot - or to set the start or end time range to that shot. Version 1.01 also allows you to hit the X button to remove a camera for a shot. Version 1.02 now has better cameratype vs. target any 2 point camera can be used - even if it has been renamed - and the target has not.

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