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How to "Relax" while preserving the volume...

It's just a small tip :

We often use the standard "relax tool" or "relax modifier"  that always shrinks the objects...

Maxscript help for 3dsMax 2012 update

I've written about setting up your local maxscript help-file: read it here. Alex Mak has posted a nice addition to this. Read it here on cgTalk. Now it's very easy to make your own, local maxscript help behave exactly the same as the online maxscript help. It automatically feeds the word at the cursor-position into the search field. This is what was missing from my previous solution.

LED style animation with MAXScript

Just illustration of an example approach which can be done and without writing code but there also a few points where using MAXScript can save alot of time.

Ok, this I start just as idea for quick reply into the forum but as I remember LED style animation is popular task in animators colleges and as am not sure if there is a similar tutorial, I made this.

maxscript help for 3dsMax 2012

The maxscript help for 3dsMax 2012 has gone online. By default, 3dsMax doesn't ship with a local help for mascript and for the main program. When pressing the F1 key, your browser opens and finds the help online. This has its advantages and disadvantages. A big disadvantage is that you need an internet-connection, and if you have one, it needs to be fast. For many people this is a reason to download the help-files and use the local version instead.

Maxscript deadline submit script tutorial

Submitting jobs to deadline is not very difficult, but it can be automated with maxscript. It’s always a good thing to automate when you can. And it’s a good thing to submit stuff to a render-queue to free your own computer from the workload. So why not submit automated maxscript-jobs to deadline instead of renderjobs? Well, you can do that relatively easily with deadline. Consider this if you need to process a large amount of meshes with maxscript, or do some kind of image-manipulation with maxscript. Or do this when you have some kind of scripted renderpipeline.

Mad System

How To Rig A Crank-Connecting Rod System

A = Angle Of Rotation
B = Rod Size
R = Crank Radius


A = "X"_Rotation*180/pi
B = "30"
R = "10"

How To Make A Stretchable BoneChain In 3DS MAX

In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a stretchable rig without using complex scripting.

MaxScript image button .BMP layout

A MaxScript button image layout how to. Included below (buttons2_16.zip) are the maxscript text and photoshop psd files shown in the tutorial. I can sum up the whole exercises with one word "spacing".

Pay attention to the 16px dimensions show here. The psd file includes a frame guide layer showing correct button spacing.

email me with any question. othoap@gmail.com

DotNet Demystified - Part 1

Just posted on Lonerobot.net is the first part of a series of beginner's DotNet tutorials. If you've been struggling with dotnet classes and are unsure of what the difference between a class and an object is, this tutorial could help get you on the way to achieving the most out of dotnet in 3dsMax. 

Dotnet Demystified Part 1

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