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FS Scene Converter (FStorm)

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FS Converter is a scene convertor to come back from FStorm renderer or to only convert some objects.

This converter allow to convert all the Fstorm renderer feature to Vray or Corona and Redshift.

It's not a simplicity converter, it's keep all the compatible settings...
Compatible: Fstorm Camera, Fstorm materials, Fstorm proxie, Fstorm Lights (including SunLight), Fstorm Displacement...

Convert all the scene or only selected Object... See how many instance it's necessary to convert...

Real time informations for the convertion state.


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SplineTrace is a MaxScript that can be used to:

- convert a 2D Image into spline shapes, where each spline corresponds to an interior or exterior contour (outline) in the image. Works best on Black/white images but can be used on Colour images by adjusting threshold value.

- create a flat 2D object which corresponds to the "black" areas of the image. Any internal "white" areas are removed from the object.

- quickly turn a plain 2D image into a solid 3D object.

- create a flat 2D shape or 3D Object from an existing spline (not just those created by this script)



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Spline-2-Poly v2.x is a UI-driven MaxScript for Autodesk 3DS Max which can be used to create editable polygon meshes from closed loops of 3- or 4-splines.

The video previews show the basic functionality of Spline-2-Poly:

The first shows how meshes are created, modified, imported etc.
The second show additional right-click functionality which was added after the initial video was uploaded.


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XFormer is a tool that will allow you recover the transformation of an object.

Some scenarios where you might want to restore an object transformation could be:

  • After a model transformation matrix was reset (Reset XForm)
  • If you have detached part of an object as another object
  • If you import a model and it is not aligned as you would expect


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v3.83: Honfix(patch) connect edges in EditPoly

All this works by single hotkey.


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This script creates sliders for morphtargets.

Batch Material Editor

8 votes

This script allows you batch edit multiple materials and bitmaps.

Wall Worm Model Tools

59 votes

 A Hammer User's Guide to 3ds Max Wall Worm is the complete Source Engine Pipeline. With extensive exporters, importers, model, material and level design tools, Wall Worm makes working with the Source Engine fun.

Key Features

    miauu's Batch Save OBJ/FBX/3DS as Max files

    2 votes


    Batch save selected .obj, .fbx or .3ds files a .Max files.

    VZim - Fumefx to VrayVolumeGrid

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    A one-click solution for preparing Fumefx sims for rendering in Vray.

    VZim is a script that will run your Fumefx default sim and post-cache sim as well as create and load a VrayVolumegrid for the resulting sim, all in one click. This allows you to utilize the Fumefxpreview window for sims without experiencing file incompatibility, while optimizing your cache files, and skipping the many mundane steps to get your sim loaded into and ready for rendering with a VrayVolumegrid.

    1.4 Changelog:
    - Fixed Volgrid not aligning to FumeFX grid

    1.2 Changelog:

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