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INFO: the latest update(2.5) fixes compatibility issues with 3dsMax 2023

Keep your 3dsmax scene ready to render the latest state of your BIM/CAD model. Import and update models coming from Archicad, Revit, Sketchup, Rhino3d or Autocad while retaining all work done in 3dsmax (applied materials, modifiers, properties and transformations) Models coming from your CAD/BIM program will be imported, cleaned and reorganized to result in one mesh per material. On the next import all materials and modifiers applied in 3dsmax are copied onto the new model. This script merges the functions of Archicad Importer, Revit Importer and Sketchup Importer.


2022.07.22: Fix compatibility issues with 3dsMax 2023

2022.01.08: Upgraded Revit import. Option to split Generic Materials intot separate meshes (they are all merged into one mesh otherwise, both in the MLM and in 3dsmax built-in Fbx link manager) 2021.05.16: Linked objects are updated on CoronaScatters distribution objects (in the same manner as Forest Pack objects)

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INSTALLATION: drag'n drop onto the 3dsmax workspace. It will be accessible via a "Mirza tools" submenu created under the "Tools" menu. If you can’t install by drag’n drop make sure to run 3dsmax as administrator and choose “run script” in the maxscript menu. USAGE: -Create the first link by selecting the program which it comes from, choose "Create", press "Import". -Browse to the file that you exported from your modeler following the instructions given in the info box of the MLM. -The geometry is now imported, recombined by materials and cleaned. -The model can now be altered by materials, modifiers and its properties be changed, all this will be reapllied on the next update. -Update the scene by selecting the link in the dropdown menu list, press "Update" and browse to the new file. You can have as many links as you wish from different modelers. (instructions for exporting are shown in the window) Update 2021 01 29: Improvements in importing Revit files through .FBX

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Hi Spacelord, You don't have

Hi Spacelord,
You don't have to import export the whole model all the time : you can create multiple links instead.
For example you can have one for each building, one for the terrain, one for the furnitures, etc...

The link is based on the material's name of the original model. If you have one material called "01-brick-red" in Sketchup,Archicad or Revit it is this name that will hold the link. You can replace it by "Vraybrickyellow" in 3dsMax, apply modifiers etc, and they will be reapplied on next import on the mesh called "01-brick-red".
I'm not sure if I answered exactly your question. But please give it a try.

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Hi Mirza, I guess I work a

Hi Mirza,

I guess I work a bit differently. Sometimes I like to just export the part I'm working on and only update that part, instead of having to export the whole model.
It might be a balustrade or just stairs. Specially if I'm working on multiply buildings, one building might be perfect so no need to export that one and only export the one that I made changes too. Its also easier in 3dsmax to apply uv coordinates, so whatever part I have applied that to I don't want that updated by the incoming updated model.
So does the importer exporter remember the materials applied in 3dsmax ? So if I change material IDS in 3dsmax will they be overridden by the new incoming model ?
I'll do some more testing and find out for myself when I get time.
Anyway its looking pretty good, since Din3d has stopped its good to have another alternative.

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Hi and thanks for your interest.
Actually that is the way it is supposed to work: model in your CAD/BIM software, link into 3dsMax, apply materials and modifiers, add lights, assets, cameras etc..., and render. Next time you have changed your CAD/BIM Model you just update the link.
If you would change the geometry inside 3dsMax the change would disappear at next update and the "linking" idea would be meaningless.
Hope this can still help you.
Best regards

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This looks pretty good. One

This looks pretty good. One thing that bothers me with Archicads options for exporting.
I'd like to see Archicad export the scene the way it is in Archicad. So if I select a wall in Archicad I can do that in 3dsmax.
Instead the model is welded together, and the only options are by material, layers, its not very helpful.

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mirza's picture

Hello, when running the

Hello, when running the program you can click on the link "buy license" , in blue at the top of the window under the logo.
Tell me if you got any trouble.
Otherwise here: https://mirzasoft.onfastspring.com/

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I can't buy the plugin

May you tell me how to pay your plugin??

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