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Rotation Order Tool

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This tool allows you to quickly change the rotation order of any object in max. You can select multiple objects and change their rotation orders all at once, or you can copy the rotation order from one object to another.

To use:
1. Select all the objects whose rotation order you would like to change. Then use the dropdown list and select which rotation order you would like to choose. The transforms for each object will be preserved as long as it has not be animated.


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This script was created to help in rigging for animation. It works by
selecting and assigning verts to bones, then creating the Skin Modifier
when you are done.

Skin Envelope Manipulator

17 votes

With this script you can fast and easy setup skin Envelopes for your character or other object that has skin modifier.

Convert Biped to Bones

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After setting up a biped to your character's base pose, use this tool to create a base skeleton rig.

Since you are using biped, you can scale the rig into place, and utilize its mirror function so you only have to do half the side. Then run the tool, and the rig will be made.


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Pose Manager

Auto Overlap

Auto Skin

Auto mesh Skinning

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This script is for fast and accurate mesh skinning, but it won't generate skin for production ready. There will by always something to correct weights.

It's very simple all You have to do to set slice boxes. Just watch video and everything should be clear.

In version 0.6 there is simple automatic mirroring made. The rigg should be set in x=0 position.

All comments and suggestions are welcome.

------------ version 0.7 -----------

- Script didn't work with bones which had space in names - Not any more :]

Toon Eyes quick setup for cartoon character rigs

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setup ffd eyes for cartoon type characters so you can easily adjust those to fit character needs, it manage symmetry and instancing nicely. then hit finalize to make them independent.
symmetry setup is really useful for modellers and riggers in team to work on UTV india project efficiently.

max customize>> lm_rigging>>tooneyes (quad / shortcut key etc)
type character code and create eyes
tweak ffd as you like
finalize eyes button to remove symmetry setup

Copy/Paste transforms

13 votes

Copies the transforms of selected objects to a
buffer and then pastes them onto a new or existing selection.
It has the option to paste the position and/or the
and can paste it flipped around a world or custom object's
Handy for mirroring poses or animation rig components.

BEND RIG 3 / 3.5

11 votes

Skeleton Rig

10 votes

The Skeleton Rig is packed full of features while still being simple and intuitive
to animate with. It features:

Full IK/FK blending on the arms and legs.

A simple yet powerful
spine setup with independant hip rotation and adjustable chest
influences on the head and FK arms.

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