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Brad Noble

The Skeleton Rig is packed full of features while still being simple and intuitive
to animate with. It features:

Full IK/FK blending on the arms and legs.

A simple yet powerful
spine setup with independant hip rotation and adjustable chest
influences on the head and FK arms.

and stretch parameters on the head, chest, arms and legs along with
adjustment for how much thickening and thinning the bones do when

limbs can be easily bent into curves with options on the style of
curves made.

All limbs have twisting and volume preserving
bones to
greatly help deformation.

FK and IK snap buttons
for the arms and legs and automatic hiding and unhiding of IK and FK
controls depending on the amount of IK for each limb.

Finger controls with preset poses that
can be
altered as a group of attribute sliders and/or as rotation of
bones themselves.

Character pipeline tools for adding extra mesh
to the rig, adding a prefix across all of the rigs' objects, an assume
skin pose button, select all and delete all rig objects.

The rig also contains
manipulators. These are not like max's standard manipulators, but are
objects that you move instead of going to the modify panel and
adjusting a slider. With the manipulators, you can pose the entire rig
almost any way you wish using only the move and rotate tools.

- and maybe most importantly - in my infinite benevolence I have
created a script that will resize the rig to whatever character you may
have... as long as they're bipedal. You just load the rig file and set
the script to be a hotkey, toolbar button and/or menu item. From there
a simple interface will let you resize any part of the rig you wish. It
also lets you mirror one side's sizes to the other and even specify the
number of twisting bones in the arms, legs, neck and spine. other little things to help make animating

Additional Info: 

The rig
requires Paul Neale's attribute holder script for the fingers (for 3dsmax
6 & 7
and 3dsmax
8 & 9

A HUGE THANK YOU also goes out to Grant Adam for
writing the Virtual Segment plugin that makes the curved limbs and
spine and neck setups all possible.

See the version history for more details on what's new with this release.

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 8, 9
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Bobbonkers's picture

This is awesome, the perfect

This is awesome, the perfect rig every time.
Thanks mate.

skeewhiff's picture

Excellent script!  I have a

Excellent script!  I have a couple of animators producing a music video with it right now!  Thanks.

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