Rotation Order Tool

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This tool allows you to quickly change the rotation order of any object in max. You can select multiple objects and change their rotation orders all at once, or you can copy the rotation order from one object to another.

To use:
1. Select all the objects whose rotation order you would like to change. Then use the dropdown list and select which rotation order you would like to choose. The transforms for each object will be preserved as long as it has not be animated.

2. To copy the rotation order of one object to another select the objects whose rotation you want to copy. Select the object you want to paste the rotation order to. Press the copy button. Bam you're done!

The copy function will take rotation list controllers into account, but it will only use the 1st rotation controller that has a rotation order property.

To install:
Copy the *.mcr file to the autodesk\maxversion\ui\macroscripts folder.
Then add the tool to a toolbar, or quad menu. You'll find it under the category Alex Tools.

I hope you find this tool useful.

Other Software Required: 
3ds max 2010
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