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Shift Edge

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-Shift polygon edge arrange
-Invert edge visibility

3dsMax MCG Velocity Controllers

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MCG Velocity animation controllers.

Animate using speed.
Linear Velocity
Angular Velocity

Velocity Float:
. A single float velocity.

Velocity Transform:
. A transform velocity.
. Forward speed and orientation speed.

Package "3dsMax_MCG_Velocity_Controllers.zip" includes :

To Install:
1. download and unzip "3dsMax_MCG_Velocity_Controllers.zip"
2. start 3ds Max
3. in Max Main Menus: Scripting > Install Max Creation Graph (.mcg) Package...
4. install both .mcg files.

MCG Wave Slates

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This MCG creates panels/slates based on sine wave.



Then can be found in Create>Geometry>Vu

MCG Mirror Morph

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This MCG will mirror the form of your geometry across an axis for creating morph targets. The Form/Shape is mirrored, not the geometry itself or vert IDs as this would render the targets useless. The geometry's form/shape should be symmetrical (pivot centred) but vertex distribution does not have to be symmetrical, as can be seen with model with one eyebrow. Modify your target and the mirrored result is updated live, not like some static, dead end mirror/skinwrap method.

Requirements: Max 2016/17/18


MCG Fit BBox

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This MCG will auto fit one mesh to the BBox of another. A simple usage would be a toy soldier and the plastic container. Either object could be the 'controller', ie. the toy should be a tiny bit smaller than the container...or the the container should be slightly bigger than the toy.

MCG Shell Be Right

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If you use Shell on a noisy surface, you'll get self penetrations. Even with Edit Normals, it will not correct it coz Shell uses face normals rather than vertex normals (I think).

This MCG will correct the Shell with a surface that is the same with the underlying geometry, you can do this manually with an Extrude using Group Normals rather than Local Normals. This MCG provides the convenience so you can change the Shell and not having to redo the Extrude.

MCG Clonewolf

6 votes

another cloner ??? This Clonewolf allows both local rotation AND offset rotation to work at the same time !!! It also 'fits' the clones together using bbox instead of you manually fiddling around, it also allows mesh alignment for rotation so you don't have to fiddle with your object's subobj level.

MCG Circle Tangents

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This MCG creates a circle that is cut off at the tangents to a point


Then can be found under Create>Shapes>Vu

MCG Muscle Node

2 votes

This is a dynamic object that connects the open edges of two objects. You can choose which open edges to connect.

MCG PathConstraintAxis

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This MCG gets rid of the flipping problem as with the default Path Constraint. It also allows the constraint to be based on an axis of a controlling object.

Supports multi-spline path.



Then controller can be found in Motion Panel>Assign Controller

Ver 1.01: now includes Arc Length (Distance) mode

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