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MCG ScrewMe

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This Anim Controller creates linear (and rotation) transformation as you rotate your screw/nut. Can also be used to wobble bullet/shell

ver 1.01: ahh screw it....I added Offset


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While this may not be quite so polished, it may get you out of a tight spot if you just MUST apply some modifier to Particles...hence they have to be turned to mesh.

Sorry, Max 2018 ONLY.



(or drag n drop...whatever)

Then can be found as PMesh in modifier dropdown list)

MCG Deformbination

MCG Body Snatcher

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Need a hand ? Call the Body Snatchers... How about a head, arm...or leg...yeah you can model them from scratch...or just use these...



Then can be found in Create>Geo>Vu

No need to call the police, all body parts come from MakeHuman


MCG Morph To Spline

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Latest version 1.04 has support loop but tradeoff is if you morph to less than 100%, the outside edge remains fixed. If you need your orig geo to morph back to itself, please use ver 1.03

MCG Silly String

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Video should explain it......

Angle Controller

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A simple MCG controller to allow the user to put in angle numbers without having to convert them to radians first or using a script controller.

Installation: Google how to install an MCG file if you don't know.

Compatible 3dsmax 2016 EXT 1 +

MCG Renderable Points

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No the question isn't WHY...but rather WHY NOT all these years. Since there's RenderableSpline, why not Points ?

Installation: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/3ds-max/learn-explore/caas/CloudH...

Then can be found in Modifier dropdown list. It will work on Mesh/Splines, even if your mesh consists of all isolated verts...there's no requirements for proper 'polys'.

MCG Muscle

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I'm calling this Muscle deform because that's what I set out to use it for but it can deform one mesh with another. Requires a vertex colour modifier underneath this modifier to enable it. The Bool is to determine if the deform happens with Red colour vert or green colour vert's.

MCG Flatpack Fold/Spline

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So Mythbusters proved you can't physically fold anything on itself more than 7 times...well you can use this MCG and fold stuff however many times you want...as long as you've got enough verts !!!

A picture won't do jack...as what does a flatpack look like.....? a flat box....so you'll have to watch the video to see the effect.

Iterations is how many times you've folded it. Why is it not an integer ?...so you could animate 'fraction' of a fold, that's why.


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