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Check Total Lengths SplineShape

74 votes

This simple and funny script, you can measure the total length, check the number of segments and the Knot of SplineShape. Very useful :)


.timo - Selection Tools

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Selection tools for 3dsMax
Selection tools allow you to quick Select one or multiple object using custom settings that is provided

How to use:


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Aligns the perspective view to the face that is under the mouse while keeping the distance to the selected object (the distance will pretty much the same as between the view and the face to align to). It does not matter if the object has modifiers applied and the view will not be distorted into some strange rotation but kept aligned to the world axis.

AndyE Tools v1.0

36 votes

Attach Mesh by Material

26 votes

Easy way to make single mesh from array of objects with the same material.

Auto Render Element "VRayLightSelect"

340 votes

Create Render Elements "VRayLightSelect" for lights.



4 votes

Keep the named selection sets when you merge objects! Once you will install this script - it will automatically save the named selection sets of your scene - and it will automatically merge them when you will merge objects.

Copy and Paste Object Properties

2 votes

This little script will help you transfer arbitrary properties from one object to another. All properties that you selected that have matching names and types in the destination nodes will get the property values of the source node. You also have the option of instancing the source value's controller across the updated properties.

copy and paste maxscript


3 votes

This is a tool designed to give the user more control than the default Select-By-Name dialog that ships with 3d Studio Max. It allows users access into grouped objects (searching through closed groups for objects - opening groups in scene on selection - etc.) along with multi-object renaming - moving - scaling - etc. A powerful object lister - and organizer.

Ghost Keyer 2

12 votes

Ghost Keyer 2 will allow you to key objects without having to select them. You can create custom groups of objects that will be keyed together. 

Ghost Keyer 2 UI-4

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