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The SkinOrDie Script is a set of tools which will improve your workflow for skinning enormously. It's intention is to completly replace the interface of the standard max skin modifier and give you a more intuitive one.

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View a complete interface screenshot

SkinOrDie is a large toolset for skinning characters. It adds some powerful functions to the standard SkinModifier - including:
- New and more intuitive interface
- BoneSelector for selecting Bones
- Massive VertexSelection tools - like Edgeloop/ring selection - SelectionSets - Grow/Shrink selection - Mirror selection - Range Selection - Hide selection and more...
- Vertex Weighting: QuickWeight - Average weight - Distribute weight - Softselection weight - Mirror weight - Reset & Exclude tools - and more...
- Edge Weighting: Interactivly weight along edgeloops/rings - incl. Edgefalloff
- SkinShapes: Replacement for SkinModifiers Envelopes - far more flexible
- Do quick deformation tests without leaving the SkinModifier
- Load and Save Weights
- Full documentation
- And even more ;)

Update Version 2.12 (2005.10.26):
- Add: VertexEditing rolloutstate and windowsize are saved now
- Add: BoneSelector windowsize is saved now
- Add: ResetWindows button in the config window
- Add: Presets for Paintbrush size and strength

.mcr: Copy the .mcr script to your uimacroscripts directory and run it from within 3dsmax
.mzp: Just run from 3dsmax - files will automatically be copied

You can now add the script to your ToolBars/Keyboard/Quads with 'Customize -> Customize User Interface'
The script will be located in the 'Piranha-Bytes' category.

Version Requirement: 
7; 6; 5
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Additional hotkeys

I found useful to assign shortcuts to weights values +/-.
This process turned out to be not so simple, but possible at least.

Those who felt lack of shortkeys can try it.
I'm using the latest version of the script.

1) 123 line of installed script is changed from "local" to "global".
2) Maxscripts - run script - SpinnerUp.mcr... the same action with 3 left.
These scripts are taking macroscript properties out of itself.
They will work while SkinOrDie is active.
3) In Customize user interface - keyboard - spinnerUP ...Down ...UpB ...DownB appeared.
Up is for 0.001, UpB is for 0.01 values step.

The next keys seemed handy to me:
Up: Alt+.
Down: Alt+,
UpB: Alt+;
DownB: Alt+k

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doc link

Documentation link is broken.

konane's picture

Looks nice! Isn't there a way

Looks nice! Isn't there a way to highlight the bone you have selected? Or somehow make it obvious which bone you are working with?

A.K.Gandhi's picture

Good One

It works really good.


Vaibhav Gautam's picture

Please tell me how to install

Please tell me how to install it..?because i donn't found .mcr file.

Vaibhav Gautam's picture

I have downloaded .mzp

I have downloaded .mzp file.Please tell me how to install skin or die plugin.

ivoirscript's picture

the 2.15 version seems to

the 2.15 version seems to work as well with max 2010 32bits
very smart tool
thank you very much

capcaverna's picture

yes, really is a great tool

yes, really is a great tool for skining

The life is Good

IN_human's picture

must have for skinning

must have for skinning

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This is a Super_Multi

This is a Super_Multi Tool~!!

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