Rigging Army Knife

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This is an advanced toolset for rigging. For a full features list refer to the included readme.

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Version 1.7 update features significant changes to the UI of Rigging Army Knife by including a Toolbox - which lets you show and hide only the rollouts you want to see. I've also added a Physique to Skin converter - this feature requires a plugin so it is not guaranteed to work in versions of max pre-7.

You can get a movie showing some of the features here

* Changed: UI
* Added: QuickWire
* Added: Morph Deck
* Added: New tools to Skin Tools

* Changed: UI
* Added: Toolbox
* Added: Physique to Skin Converter

* Added: Spring Tools in Rig Tools rollout

* Fixed: Abolute/Relative Adjustments
* Added: Additional Bonesaw functionality (spline operations)

* Fixed: Object properties didn't work properly - thanks mrX.

* Added: Absolute/Relative Switch for Bone Adjustments
* Added: Insert Bones
* Added: Collapse Bones
* Added: Reroot
* Added: Rig Tools Rollout
o Added: Pick Swivel Target
o Added: IK Goal Size
o Added: Display IK Goal
o Added: Freeze Transforms
o Added: Freese Position/Rotation
o Added: Transform/Rotate to Frozen
* Added: Link To Parent in Bone Saw
* Added: Relink children in Bone Saw
* Changed: Locks and Inherit in the same rollout - Link Info
* Fixed: 0 index in BoneSaw

* Added: Align to Parent
* Fixed: Bone Saw is now working
* Fixed: Several Minor bugs
* Changed: Manual is now a PDF file so Acrobat Reader is required

# Fixed: Biped to Bones - bones in the hands and feet now align properly.
# Added: Documentation for Tendons.
# Added: BoneSaw - BandSaw for bones.

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markuss's picture

Where can I find the script

I remember using this a long time ago, and it had some useful features, but the link is down. Is it still possible to download the scripts somewhere?

Markus Schille
Personal website: http:\\www.schille.no

kurtrussellfanclub's picture


But until they're updated you can grab the download from here:


His list of downloads is here:


othoap's picture

Bad links


Your web page server can't find your links.

dzrender's picture

really very helpful

really very helpful


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