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Martin Dufour

ok guy...and girl :-) this is the first preview of the new dinorig interface...the only thing that work right now are the muscle.I'm not really finished with them but since I'm going to go crazy,I think I'll work on something else

for a change!!

- I'm aware that the slider of the muscle don't get updated correctly ,I'll fix that soon !

let me know if you find any bug in the current state ...

Max2009 only!





and the ol one of course :




this one should work on anything pass max8.



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Dino_Rig_Creator_060d.rar485.77 KB
DinoRig_1_03_79_Preview.rar916.59 KB


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Gspoutnik's picture

How & what is the good files for install

Hello Martin
Pourrais tu me dire quels sont les bons fichiers à installer.
entre les updates et la nouvelle interface, je ne sais plus quelle version installer...
Je travaille sur 2009 et 2010
voila ce que j'ai téléchargé:

merci et bonne année

MarTroYx's picture

Hi again, the poses doesn't

Hi again,

the poses doesn't work very well, it fail because at time I made this version the hand code was rewritten but not the code for the hand pose that go along ... and that's why it was removed from the later version because I wouldn't want to rewrite the code for poses every time I changed something ....anyway if you want you can try to comment from line 3444-3454 that would let you play with the main poses tab but again it wasn't really working well :-)


wicq08's picture

HI martin, now the muscle

HI martin,
now the muscle work perfectly, thank you very much.
sorry to bother you again but I have another doubt.
why everytime I open the poses tab it pops up this error:
--Unknown Property:"Bone_Main_Ax" in CtrlMain:CtrlMain

I believe the poses tab would be important to use in order to store poses I think but it doesn`t work.
Thanks again for your help with the muscle tab.
Best Regards,

MarTroYx's picture

Hi wicq08, have you put the

Hi wicq08,

have you put the .max file from the rawsource archive into your dinorig directory ?


wicq08's picture

Himartin, thank you very

thank you very much , but there is a problem when I click the Automatic Muscle creation in the muscle tab it pops up the sripter listenre with a Maxscript rollout habdler exception that says : --Unknown property: "position" in undefined
and of course doesnt work

MarTroYx's picture

Hi wicq08, I only have 2010

Hi wicq08,

I only have 2010 installed and anyway the new version has no dinorig code in it, if you really want to see it integrated you can use this anterior version that was used to make the video preview of dinorig , it does have muscle integrated to a point ... as I've said, I'm not updating dinorig anymore ,it up to you from now on :-)

Best regard,

Dino_Rig_Creator_06_0018.rar 37.16 KB
wicq08's picture

I meant I just cant use the

I meant I just cant use the muscle script with the dino rig script

wicq08's picture

Hi MarTroYx, It`s been a

Hi MarTroYx,
It`s been a while. I can see you updated the script and it looks better. I would like to ask you a favor. I tried to isntall DinoRig_1_03_79 in 3d max 2008 but it says that is for 3d max 2009. Can you make it fro 3ds max 2008 please? I would like to try it. I try the 0.61 version but doesnt have the muscle tab . the muscle script is in the forlder but when I run it , it seems not to be connected with the dino rig script: I just can use it.

diez-art's picture

ok ok...tu dis "avait été

ok ok...tu dis "avait été developpé" c'est que tu le développe plus? Dommage...t'étais parti pour faire un PuppetShop2 dans les années à venir ....lol
Tu bosses sur quoi là en ce moment? Cool de les avoir rendu Open source tes scripts...franchement c'est super didactique de voir comment tu écrits tes scripts (en dehors du dotnet qui m'intéresse moins pour le moment...Par contre c'est ton truc c'est clair). Cyrill

MarTroYx's picture

J'allais presque oublier,

J'allais presque oublier, petite subtiliter , quand tu attache un muscle a un bone, tu doit egalement attachez la ligne rouge(qui est cree perpendiculaire a la grid) au point de depart du bone, pour un meilleur resultat ...

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