Worker of Biped

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Dennis Roche

Based on Blur's Biped Worker, this script creates a floater interface allowing easier selection of a biped's different body parts. It will simultaneously support several Bipeds with different bone setups. Multi-bone (Control-Click), hierarchical (Shift-Click), symmetry and opposite selections are also supported, as are the setting of commonly use pivot points all within the GUI.

v0.74 Update:

  • 'Select Body' will now select the root node.
  • fixed 'Property Library' so IKSpace and Joined Pivot params are actually saved.
  • fixed a bug 'Edit Keys' rollout

v0.73 Update:

  • added support for bipeds linked to dummy objects

Another update is coming soon. Any issues or feature requests please e-mail me.

Additional Info: 


  1. Copy zip file to your 3ds max directory.
  2. Go to Customize > Customize User Interface.
  3. Find the command in the 'Worker of Biped' category.
  4. Add the script to a toolbar or menu.
Version Requirement: 
3ds max 8 (tested)
Other Software Required: 
<p> Requires Adobe Flash Player 8 (ActiveX Internet Explorer) <a href=""></a><br /> Make sure you are using Internet Explorer when you install the plugin.  </p>
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WorkerOfBiped_v0.74.zip72.41 KB


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MarkD's picture

Any chance we can get a 64bit

Any chance we can get a 64bit version? It looks like MS phased out ActiveX in Vista 64bit and Win7 64bit. I have no clue what it would take to convert the script from ActiveX to dotnet, my guess would be a lot of work? But I really really miss this script =/

capcaverna's picture

Thanks, great job.

Thanks, great job.

The life is Good

kronkhal's picture

Hi! Im trying to install


Im trying to install this script into 3dsMax 2008 (32-bit) but I can't get it to work.

I unzipped the file into my default 3dsmax "Scripts" folder but the "Worker of Biped" category doesn't show up. I also put unzipped it in the "Scripts\Startup" folder, and when I run the program, the floater shows, but still the category doesn't show in the "Customize User Interface" menu.

I have this error in the Maxsript listener when running the mcr file in "\WorkerOfBiped_v0.74\UI\MacroScripts\":

BipSelector OK
"Initialise Worker Of Biped"
"-- Runtime error: ComObject method call failed, CallFunction()"

Can someone tell me what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!


MarkD's picture

jajo, if you hold Shift and

jajo, if you hold Shift and click on a link, it will select the children of that link, just like double clicking.

Ctrl, lets you add/remove things from the selection.

Great script, use it every day!

jajo1399's picture

nice job man I like what u

nice job man

I like what u have done
I have realy good ideas Ive seen in Daz3D
This will make your script the best for animators
using biped
the ideas are:
1- when double clicking a part of th biped figuer in the
worker script it should choose child parts automatically
just like when clicking the biped part twice in the viewport

2- It would be useful when choosing a part of the biped in your script that you can use move and rotate from the script
like PowerPose in daz3d

after all thanks

ahikmat's picture

your work inspired me ,

your work inspired me , thank you

ahrrhd's picture

great usefull tool!!! and

great usefull tool!!!

and need selection of "body horizontal,vertical,rotate"Laughing

saul3d's picture

 Great Tool!!! Really well

Smile Great Tool!!!

Really well done!

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