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Hello there.

I created a Cupboard/Bookcase primitive. Unfortunately it has no UVs. There are included some usefull compounds that I created (the h_create_box is under further development for UVs and a new weld compound because the default weld messes the vertex order).


Delete Random Elements

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Modifier which deletes random mesh elements by percentage.

Delta Mush MCG graph

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Seems people ask for this all the time... mcg is not the best for delta mush implementation at the moment but it is possible, the relax is done as a separate modifier to address issues with speed, and the fact that mcg relax compound doesn't give as good results at the one is the relax modifier in max.


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Free for download

Extrude Plus (MCG tool)

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Just a humble contribution on my journey to master MCG, I really sweated trying to find my way around MCG :p, sorry the setup is a bit messed up.
This tool as the name tells allows you to extrude any shape with some added capabilities over the normal extrude modifier.




Alaa Al Nahlawi

Filter Array by another Boolean array:

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If you have two arrays with the same amount of items and one of them contains boolean values, you can filter the second array using those boolean values by using this compound.


Alaa Al Nahlawi

Framer Modifier

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3dsMax topology based frame modeling modifier. Procedural tool for frame like structure creating. Useful for creating facades, structures, grids, furniture, patterns and more.


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Inset Chamfer

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A pair of modifiers, the InsetBySmoothingGroup mcg modifier will inset mesh polygon groups by their smoothing groups, which helps to keep flat surfaces flat smoothed when chamfered instead of the usual mess. Keep in mind that for it to work, the smoothing groups should not be shared, i.e. no polygons that have both smoothing group 1, 2 etc. set. Note that the smoothing group edge borders are split afterwards, if you don't want that, you need to apply a Vertex Weld modifier.

Inset/Bevel/Extrude Poly

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BevelPoly Compound enables you to extrude, outline and inset the provided Poly (TriMesh). It can keep or delete the original surface, which might be used to create only the border quadstrips. The package includes all the compunds it depends on and an example modifier shown in the gif:

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