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Easy Pivot

This script allows you to put the pivot of an object anywhere on its surface.The pivot is the point where all the vertices of the mesh rotate/scale around.

To use,run Ui,press the Put Pivot button and click on the surface of any object,and the pivot of that object that you clicked will be at the surface that was clicked. Note that you dont necessarily have to select the object.

Fast Scale Matcher And Positioner

Suppose you create 1 or more objects and you want to position them on lets say a table,the usual way would be to drag it all the way there and then drag it up. This script makes it easy. Just select the object(s) you want to move,press the Position Object(s) button and click on the face of the object you want to position on,instantly,it moves on the surface of the object without the need to drag.

Interior Primitives

These plugins allow the rapid creation of customizables objects.

Advanced Spline Reduction

This script lets you reduce the number of vertices of a spline shape while maintaining the global shape integrity.

Its Helpful when you have traced the outline of a drawing and you want to remove the unwanted vertices that dont contribute to the global shape integrity. It assumes your vertices are corner vertices (not bezier).

Primitive Maker

Creates a new Primitive from a template object.

SciFi Pattern Generator

SciFi Pattern Generator v.1.1 ! Generate complex structures with a single click! (WATCH THE VIDEOS!) 

VFB+ : A Feature-rich Extension to the 3dsmax Frame Buffer

VFB+ 2.5 Released

Click for Change Log

Maxscripts And Mathematics Part 3(Tangential Circles)

Look at the image below

Maxscripts And Mathematics Part 1(Introduction)

In this series of tutorials,i will be presenting tutorials using mathematics inside maxscript. You may have a problem in programming,or you may not be good at math. But i hope to solve that problem. Many people are scared of programming. They think programming is for some special well behaved/mannered people. You may be a 3ds max user but is stucked there,you cant write a common script. you want someone to post the script for you to download. You have awesome ideas but because you lack the ability to program,you have to rely on others to post a script.

MaxScript 2012-2015 CHM Help

After some time looking to get back the behavior of the MaxScript help previous to 2012, I couldn't find any information to do:

Press F1 to open the CHM Help file (not a combination of keys)
Open a single instance of the CHM file
Pass the selected word to the Index tab.

Finally with the help of a "lost" little utility, I got it working (mostly) as it used to be.

What do you need?

1. The CHM file
2. The little utility "KeyHH.exe"

You can download the CHM files from the following links:

3ds Max 2012

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