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Auto Overlap

Auto Skin


InstantRig is modular auto rigging system for 3DS Max users. It helps riggers to create flexible, animator friendly and production quality rigs in minutes.

Randomize UV coordinates

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This script randomizes UV Offsets of selected objects or selected object's elements. It's an irreplaceable tool to bring some variace to your models!

1)MaxScript --> Run Script
2)Customize User Interface --> Toolbars --> Category "# Scripts"
3)Drag and drop "randomize UV coordinates" to any panel you want

Camera Resolution Mod

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The modifier will allow you to set the resolution of the render separately for each camera.

Collect Asset

22 votes

This script collects textures and other files used in the scene in one folder. Check for the same file names.
It is free script.

Poly Average Normals

36 votes

The macro script that averages all vertex normals
for faces tracked using custom (time saver) "smart selection".

Poly Average Normals

miauu's Objects Replacer

2 votes

MCG Camera Shutter Rig Cloner

0 votes

just helping out someone with another simple request...


Rig is extremely basic for illustration purposes.



Then can be found in modifier dropdown list.

MCG Line

2 votes

Simple straight line....well it was for a simple request so no need to flame me.



Then can be found in Create>Shapes>Vu


Rotation Axis Snap

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Version 1.0
Simple script but very useful script that switches active viewport to the view closely aligned to the screen axis. The analog of behavior of constrain angle snap in ZBrush.

Good replacement for internal switch viewport hot keys (t/l/b/v). Instead of 5-6 keys, now you will have only one, that is more visual and intuitive.

MCG Disc

1 vote

don't ask...Dave Wortley requested it...

(no more fiddling with deleting faces off of a cylinder...just drag out this flat disc)



Then can found in Create>Geometry>Vu



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