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Viewport Overlay Grid

2 votes

Shows an overlay grid with a variable number of horizontal/vertical subdivisions over the active viewport. Safe frames are supported as well. To be able to click-through, freeze its object. Original idea: Changsoo Eun

Viewport Grid Overlay

Mirza Material Converter

0 votes

One button, one click, converts all your imported AutodeskMaterials to Vraymaterials.
Imported Revit scenes are immediately renderable in Vray or Corona after that.

Select By Measuring

1 vote

This tool will allow you to select objects by the size of the bounding box, surface area or volume.

Camera Map Ratio

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By default in standard max the Camera Map Modifier has a projection aspect ratio the same as the camera/render resolution, this isn't good if you need to project a portrait image on a landscape render. Whilst there are plugins/MCG/OSL solutions to this, my solution works on standard max, with no plugins needed to reload the scene. It even works on CameraMapPerPixel too.

Random Wire Color

0 votes


Assign random wirecolor to selected objects


  • One color for all instances
  • Limited color range to better viewport visibility
  • Adjustable color range (tutorial below)

Instance Fast Selection

1 vote


Fast select instances of selected objects


0 votes



Show Textures in viewport (one click!)

1 vote

A simple check button to place on your toolbar, to show or hide the textures for all materials in scene.

It supports almost any kind of material or render engine.

FloorGen Tools

2 votes

3dsMax script to enhance your workflow with FloorGenerator Plugin

Script requires installed FloorGenerator


8 votes

PolyDetail is a 3dsMax plugin that helps you to quickly draw nice ornamnets with a mouse brush.

Ornaments are one of the most time consuming things in 3d modelling. With PolyDetail you can create a large variety of ornaments in a few minutes.

Product geometry is in polygonal format so you can easily adjust it with standart modelling tools.

With 12 default ornament brushes you can easily create cool looking ornaments or if you want you can add your own custom brushes for a large variety.
Rotation and twist settings helps you achieve interesting details with minimal effort.

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