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Markerless Facial motion capture for 3d studio max

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Hello friends, with this Python script in the attachments, you can capture facial movements without using
markers and transfer these movements to 3ds Max. To do this,

-install the Python program and load the modules used at the beginning of the program below with the "import" statement like opencv , mediapipe and tkinter.
You can download python program from :


and then you can easily install these modules from the cmd prompt by entering "pip install" commands.

Shape Vertex Aligner

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3dsMax Script for aligning shape vertices by 2 or 4 points

  • By 2 Points each vertex will be aligned depending on its segment direction.

  • By 4 Points - the first 2 Points will determine the direction.

  • with Alt Execute the vertex will be aligned perpendicularly.


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P_LockSelection is a script that changes the LockSelection function to the Hold method from Toggle. At the same time, these are auxiliary scripts that match this. As a result, users will feel more comfortable operating the gizmo from a distance.

This might be helpful to anyone who manipulates gizmos.

For more information

Mass Randomizer

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This is an updated version of Arda Kutlu's script "Mass randomizer",
it can now handle groups, you can also select a random amount of sub-object elements.

update 2.0.2 : as requested by dmitry belonosov, you can now shuffle objects position, there is a new button in the position tab.
I didn't add group support for this function, i'll do it in next update...

Smart Measure

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This script is intended to replace the default Measure Tools in 3ds Max.

It can be used to measure common dimensions such as distance, total length, area, angle and dimension of objects in the coordinate system.


Pro Transform

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A Script for applying interactive transform on selected object.

3DS Max Plugin - Multiple Sections

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In this video, I will present you with a new plugin I created for 3DS Max that allows the user to create multiple 2D sections on the 3 axes. The script has many options to control this operation, like the number of sections, the spacing between sections, offsetting the start of the operation, flipping the axis so that, for example, if you choose the Z axis, flipping means the creation of the sections will begin from top to bottom, also you have the option to Weld the vertices.

Group It

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This script makes a group from selected objects,it inherit orientation from first selected object.

There is a bug when objects are already part of a group, i'll try to fix it soon...

update 1.1: the bug with existing groups is solved, it doesn't crash anymore but it needs to explode existing groups before grouping, so it doesn't allow nested groups, i'll try to find a work around for next version.

update 1.2: the update 1.1 created some new bugs... version 1.2 should be ok

Scale polygons by map

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Loop Animation

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This Script is intended to loop keyframes, it locates the first and the last animation key of all selected objects, then all keys are copied and moved to the last key location, obviously your first key and last key needs to match for the animation to loop properly,
it works on position rotation and scaling.
the iteration parameter is the number of times you apply the script, it is an exponential factor, let say you have 50 keys, the first iteration would give you 100 frames, the second iteration 200 frames, the third 400 frames, etc...

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