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Edge Loop Straighten with Constraints

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Edge Loop Straighten with Constraints works like this:
Selected one more more partial loop of edges, run the script, and it will straighten all the verts between the ends of the loop(s). What makes this script different from others of its kind is that it fully supports all three geometry constraint modes; edge, face, and normal constraints.

Folder Construction Copy

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It is a script to copy the folder structure under the specified folder to another folder.
Files contained in the folder are not copied.
This script will help you to create folder that use for render output.
For example, copy folder hierarchy of shot A to shot B.

How to Use:
Enter source folder path and destination folder path to copy data to.
And press button.

Related Object Finder

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This script allows you to find objects that related with your selected object.
For example, by modifiers, space warps etc...
You can find objects and select by the list. This script will help you recognize object relationship and dependency easily.

How to Use:
Select One object and press button. If the object have dependency to another objects, objects name will be listed up.
By selecting the name in list, you can select object in scene.

PF Source Collector

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A script that stores data related to the selected Particle Flow to the specified layer.
You can organize operator and event etc. of each particle flow by layer.

How to use:
Enter layer name that you want to store PF data.
Select the PF_Source and press button.

Position Copy / Paste Toolset

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This is a set of scripts that lets you instantly copy the positions of selected objects/components and paste them to a different selection. It comes in the form of three macroscripts which you can set to hotkeys; one for copying positions, one for pasting positions, and one that opens up a floating user interface for changing options and settings. The video below goes over the details of the options available.

The script supports copying and pasting from:
* Editable Poly, Editable Mesh, Editable Spline, Edit Poly, Unwrap UVW.


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P_Layers is a script for easily registering, selecting, and hiding layers

How to install
- Drag and Drop Script to 3ds Max Viewport
All functions are registered as macro scripts
(Customize User Interface - Category - P_Scripts)

Features include: (recommended shortcuts)

Append Layer (Shift 1~8)
- Append the selected object to the layer of that number
If the layer does not exist, it is created. The name of the layer is defined as 'Layer_1~8'

Select Layer (Alt 1~8)
- Select all objects in the layer

3DS Max - Trick - Lock Selection To Rectangle Mode

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In this new video, I will show you the way to lock the Selection mode to the rectangular one.

Vray To Corona Camera

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This Script is free and it's allow to convert all Vray Physical Camera to Corona.


Scene Notes Pro @ Show Notes Only

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Scene Notes Pro Show Notes allows you to read the notes saved with Scene Notes Pro.

You can't add and/or edit the notes, only to read them in case that you do not own Scene Notes Pro.


MaxDevKit Diana for 3ds max : A dev tool to load 3ds max plugins dynamically.

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MaxDevKit Diana for 3ds max : A dev tool to load 3ds max plugins dynamically.

Are you bored from restarting 3ds max on every build of your plugin ?

And 3ds max takes so long to load right ? :D

Here's the help from me to you guys , A lightweight tool to load your plugins dynamically into 3ds max , you can debug and do stuffs faster and smoother.

Behoooolds ... Diana!

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