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MCG Rotating Piston

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another one that needs video to be watched as a pic can't really illustrate...

Thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=6&t=1434497

ver 1.01: choose to shoot ray for collision from Above or Below

MCG Hologram

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What good is a picture gonna do ?...just watch the video.. and don't write in and say...well, technically this and technically that...I like my world weird and wacky...

ver 1.01:

- Changed View Plane to Depth Axis.

- The Depth Axis is also in Local mode rather than World mode so it works with hologram facing any direction in the world.

- Added Depth Offset so you can place the hologram behind the frame.

MCG Preserve Components

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Preserve (aka. Restore) Components of your geo. Like Preserve but with Axis controls.

Use this above a Relax is effectively a Relax with Axis controls.

ver 1.01: added Soft Sel option

MCG ConnVerts

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(if anyone even contemplates suggesting me calling it Plexus...you can GAGF)

PF + Mesher + Connverts:


ver 1.01: for use with Particles (whether PF or Sprays) + Mesher, use Every Nth so that you treat each mesh as a 'particle' rather than multiple verts in a mesh.....but there's nothing to stop you from using it on a normal mesh like plane, box, teapot.....to achieve different effects...

MCG Centre of Mass

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This MCG calculates the Centre of Mass for an odd/asymetrical shape object. The Max centre to object uses a bounding box that does not suit odd shapes. This will find the COM by Volume or Verts distribution.


MCG PosConstraint XYZ

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Position Constraint....with Axis controls...

If you want an Offset, simply add a PositionList first, then in Available slot, add Vu_PosContraintXYZ...then even tho it is constrained, you can still move your object to whatever 'offset'position you like.

MCG Push with Axis Controls

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This MCG Push gives you axis controls so you can restrict which axis to push rather than a uniform push. I didn't implement a Relax in there as I found the default Relax modifier is better than the MCG Relax.

Ver 1.01.00: For ultimate control, I've added the ability to push AND pull at the same time with different axis. You can also vary different amount of influence for each axis.

MCG LaserRayser

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This MCG creates a laser printing effect...no not on paper method...but more like a 3D printer.

MCG Visibility

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Control Visibility with a modifier. This way if you create some keys, then come back at some later stage, the modifier stays with the object and you can continue/change the keys...you don't have to find the 'script' that you first used with to create them and drag it back into the viewport.

It works for a selection of objects but I would advise you to be careful with it as it works fine at first but if at some later stage you comeback and select not the same selection...and do some edit, the new keys will apply only to the new selection.

MCG Chamfered Triangle

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This gives segment controls for components of a Chamfered Triangle. Don't forget to turn off Show Segs once you're happy with settings.

Ver 1.01: added Equilateral option

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