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MCG Clonewolf

5 votes

another cloner ??? This Clonewolf allows both local rotation AND offset rotation to work at the same time !!! It also 'fits' the clones together using bbox instead of you manually fiddling around, it also allows mesh alignment for rotation so you don't have to fiddle with your object's subobj level.

MCG Body Snatcher

1 vote

Need a hand ? Call the Body Snatchers... How about a head, arm...or leg...yeah you can model them from scratch...or just use these...



Then can be found in Create>Geo>Vu

No need to call the police, all body parts come from MakeHuman


MCG Circle Tangents

1 vote

This MCG creates a circle that is cut off at the tangents to a point


Then can be found under Create>Shapes>Vu

MCG Muscle Node

2 votes

This is a dynamic object that connects the open edges of two objects. You can choose which open edges to connect.


11 votes

 Installation: Scripting, Install Max Creation Graph...

Max2017 should work straightaway, for max2016 ensure you have SP3 properly applied then Extension2 (maybe 1 would work too...can't be sure)

FFS...Floor Flux Sake !!! I empower you to take the Red pill or Blue pill....go into the graph and choose your destiny on the far right...Fastest compile time could be a second (Blue pills) or slowest (Red pills), with all functionalities, up to 15 secs !!! But once you've compiled the graph, it should be pretty quick.

MCG PathConstraintAxis

2 votes

This MCG gets rid of the flipping problem as with the default Path Constraint. It also allows the constraint to be based on an axis of a controlling object.

Supports multi-spline path.



Then controller can be found in Motion Panel>Assign Controller

Ver 1.01: now includes Arc Length (Distance) mode

MCG Edge Length Display

1 vote

This MCG displays edge length of visible edges in your mesh. Will also work for spline, as in straight segments, ie. not the curve of a circle

ver 1.01: added unit display...with chicken foot symbol for feet...well it's my MCG and I can do whatever I want..

ver 1.02: added miles and kms

MCG FaceCount

1 vote

A simple Face/Vert Count MCG. This is in response to a user request here:


I'm sticking to a simple pick list as the user mentioned, it doesn't have any advanced layer managements. It may not be very useful...dunno...but the graph is quite simple and can help beginners to get into MCGs.


Inset/Bevel/Extrude Poly

4 votes

BevelPoly Compound enables you to extrude, outline and inset the provided Poly (TriMesh). It can keep or delete the original surface, which might be used to create only the border quadstrips. The package includes all the compunds it depends on and an example modifier shown in the gif:

MCG FaceOff

1 vote

Filter Faces (Tris) based on various categories:

- Normals, World or Local..any combo of the six axes

- Mat IDs...one or more

- Face Area

- Smooth Group (does anyone see the point of doing multiple?)

- Death Star....what more can I say ??? All are topology independent.

ver 1.01: fixed iso verts bug

Donations: paypal.me/vusta

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