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John Martini, Andru Phoenix

*NEW* Utilities in ATK 1.174
VIDEO 'Flippin' Flaps': One click animate the unfolding of your mesh faces.
VIDEO 'PathRig': Generate paths that are guided by target nodes, these paths can act as trajectories, path deforms or both.
TreeLinker': Link objects together by distance from an object to the next object.

Click the GIF for demos:

Update: Device 'Time Remapper': Expand, compress, play backward, or freeze track animation. Inspired by After Effects time remapping. This tool connects the playback of animated tracks to parameters on a control object. Click the GIF for a walk-through:

Update: Device - 'Explode' Expanded Features: Explode by 5 levels : Face, Element, Material ID, Smoothing Group, and UV Seams. Explode selected contiguously by face selection. Retain normals so your exploded objects still appear smooth.

Update: Device - 'Controller Randomizer': Copies PRS trees from a reference list to selected objects based on parameters. Demo

Update: Device - 'Explode': Breaks apart geometry into
separate objects. Demo

Update: Device - Train! Manipulate easing tangents and create animation between selected keys based on a curve. Click the GIF for a walk-through:

Update: Utility - CamRig 1.1! Show off your scenes with a full featured, easy to use camera rig. This utility empowers you to effortlessly create smooth cinematic movement. Supports VRay Physical Camera. Watch the demonstration:

ATK is a compact suite of modular tools to rig, copy and manipulate animation in a few clicks, without plug-in dependency. There is no need for extra licenses because ATK uses farm-friendly methods native to 3DS Max, so it can easily fit into your production & render pipelines.

Download the FREE lite version on our website

3DS MAX (2010-2014)

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1.0174 RELEASE NOTES | JAN 21 2014 ===============
PathRig 1.01: New render spline controls and bug fixes.

1.0172 RELEASE NOTES | JAN 21 2014 ===============
New Utility! 'Tree Linker': Link objects together
by distance from an object to the next object.

1.0171 RELEASE NOTES | JAN 01 2014 ===============

Bug fixes in CamRig and FlippinFlaps.
1.017 RELEASE NOTES | DEC 30 2013 ===============
New Utilities! 'PathRig': Animate your objects along
paths using a waypoint system. 'FlippinFlaps': One click
animate the unfolding of your geometry faces.
CamRig update - Added Octane camera support.

1.016 RELEASE NOTES | NOV 20 2013 ===============
New beta device! 'Time Remapper': Expand, compress,
play backward, or freeze track animation - Matrix style.
Bug fixes for Explode.

1.0151 RELEASE NOTES | NOV 11 2013 ===============
Bug fixes. Preview now works on objects with materials.

1.015 RELEASE NOTES | NOV 3 2013 ===============
New explode features! Explode by Face, Material ID,
Element, Smoothing Group, and UV Seams. Explode only
selected. Retain smoothing from your original geometry.
Miscellanious stability fixes.

1.014 RELEASE NOTES | OCT 10 2013 ===============
New beta device! 'Controller Randomizer': Copies PRS
trees randomly from a reference list to selected objects.

1.013 RELEASE NOTES | SEPT 29 2013 ===============
New beta device!'Explode': Breaks apart geometry into
separate objects.

1.012 RELEASE NOTES | SEPT 28 2013 ===============
Align Pivot Rotation now produces more accurate results on
single faced objects. More bug fixes.

1.011 RELEASE NOTES | SEPT 25 2013 ===============
Various bug fixes and error checks. Train now works with
path constraints correctly.

1.01 RELEASE NOTES | SEPT 20 2013 ===============
Train: Added new preset 'Elastic'. Check out new Train
walk-through on Scriptspot or

1.009 RELEASE NOTES | SEPT 19 2013 ===============
New key effect!'Train': Sets key tangents and creates
middle keys between selected keys based on a curve.

1.008 RELEASE NOTES | JULY 27 2013 ===============
CamRig 1.1 Update. Check out the new features in a
detailed walk-through on the ATK website or ScriptSpot.
Reverse now supports custom attributes.

1.007 RELEASE NOTES | JULY 16 2013 ===============
Kronos Update. Faster, now supports custom attributes.

1.006 RELEASE NOTES | JULY 16 2013 ===============
New treasure chest tool 'Build Camera Rig': Customize
and create powerful camera rigs in seconds!

1.005 RELEASE NOTES | JUNE 26 2013 ===============
New beta tool 'Colorize': Sets wire or diffuse color
with blended color.
Bug fix: 'Reverse' now supports selections.

1.004 RELEASE NOTES | JUNE 14 2013 ===============
UI: Adapative gamma correction.

1.003 RELEASE NOTES | JUNE 12 2013 ===============
Device: 'Copy Materials' materials inherit object name.

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coldpookie's picture

Link to this plugin should probably be removed from script spot

I've purchased this plugin twice and sent emails to the creators 4 times. They never get back with the Authorisation keys so it seems like a bit of a scam. If you check their forum there are lots of people saying the same thing.

Looks pretty good plugin, but the creators are absent.

Spline's picture

Can I have a reply please

Hi, I've bought your plugin few weeks ago... five emails was sent to you via your website ATK and no reply, nothing. Paid via paypal and only a receipt from paypal was sent. We have not receive your plugin. Can you please come back to me, thanks

artkitekt's picture

Daniel, thank you and good to

Daniel, thank you and good to hear you've been getting some use out of ATK lite. You can use 'Copy Keys' to transfer visibility and most other types of keys 1:1. That tool and similar tools can be found in the paid version.

Here's an overview of 'Copy Keys'

copykeys.png 25.22 KB

Andru Phoenix
ATK Developer

danielscharp's picture

Great script - Can we still animate visibility


I am working on construction sequences/effects and have found the KeyTransfer script useful for getting out quick and basic construction sequences.

I evaluating this script using the lite version, as we are upping our animation effects. It is easy to pick up as I have been using KeyTransfer for a while, however I am trying to find an option for carrying over the visibility (through the object properties) of the reference object (there was a checkbox for this in the Keytransfer script). Using the material function in ATK to offset the opacity of one material is not an option, as we could potentially have 100's of floor materials(our floor materials are very resource heavy (Railclone, or floorgen)).

I have skimmed through your videos, but cant find any reference to this function being in ATK. Could you please let me know where i can find this function.


samehbijo's picture

The tool is great but

with usual number of object , copying very simple keyframes (2 to be specific ) will take a while to copy to 110 objects which I don't consider a lot , it takes around a minute , and it has been the case since I used it for the first time , I don't know if I am doing something wrong , but I followed the rare poor tutorials that I found online and the very poor documentation .

in general, the workflow is not easy and so much work can be done to improve the workflow .

more tutorials would also help .

Sameh Bijo
3d Generalist

MartinEmperor's picture

Treasure Chest

Just got my hands on ATK. awesome tool. Loving how easy it is to do complex animations with minimal key framing.
Quick Q, is the Treasure Chest only available when online?
I keep getting a register dialogue box every time I try to access Treasure chest when my computer is offline.

madail's picture

Did it dieded??

Hey guys, so im an avid ATK user from a few years now, but now that ive updated to max 2016 its a pitty to see that ATK seems to be dead for quite some time now...

Well is it? or do you guys plan in keeping up the project? Some of its features are really life saving, and still max doenst offer so cool features as ATK does...

JokerMartini's picture


Andru and I are glad to hear that everyone is enjoying this tool which we put so much time and effort into. We are looking continue adding and expanding the toolset!

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

Michele71's picture

really a great script!! Good

really a great script!! Good job Mans :)

states's picture

100% happy with this one !

well.. it's only my first day with the ATK, however, it's worth it even for the CamRig alone ! works great on my 2014 install and so far it appears to be incredibly responsive and utterly stable. too excited with the provided tools/shortcuts to even begin mentioning individually !
thank you !!!

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