External MaxScript IDE

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  • Develop Scripts and Manipulate 3dsMax from your favorite IDE or application
  • Write MaxScript with external IDE of choice
  • Directly execute it from your IDE of choice
  • Notepad++ 
  • Notepad++ User-Defined Language template for highlighting
  • Notepad++MaxScript Dictionary for auto-complete
  • Easy setup
  • Download External MaxScript IDE
  • View full Syntax list , if you want to port it to your IDE
  • Full Documentation and Help

Viewing MaxScript Code in NotePad++ thanks to Syntax Highlight and Syntax Dictionary


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Thank you! The instructions

Thank you! The instructions on getting the code to save and execute in Notepadd++ helped me.


Shawn Olson

Developer of Wall Worm

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I putted some extra

I putted some extra documentation in how to setup Notepad++ with the External Maxscript IDE.

Added some extra images and makes thing a lot clearer :)
Let me know if you would still have problems in setting it up


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thanks for the great

thanks for the great comments, I am glad that it's helping developers. I am still finding difficulties in setting up the perfect language settings for notepad++.
Sometimes maxscript code is still not so clear (space sensitive)

I will check with the notepad++ simultaneously saving and executing for evading muscle pain :)

Also will improve the documentation in how to setup notepad++ for maxscript developement.

stuff i still want to add is the dynamically feedback from max to notepad to show where errors occurs.

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ctrl + s, ctrl + e muscle

ctrl + s, ctrl + e

muscle memory.

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This is exciting. FInally I don't have to worry about making an infinite loop that crashes Max and kills the unsaved MAXScript files I'm working on :)

I'm a little confused about the installation instructions regarding the Notepad++ link:

Notepad++ Connection
C:\ExternalMaxScriptIDE.exe "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)"
Save as "MaxScript" and link the shortcut Ctr+E to it

Can you provide step-by-step on this as I didn't really get it.

Thanks a million!


Shawn Olson

Developer of Wall Worm

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Great Stuff Sven !!If you are

Great Stuff Sven !!
If you are like me and prefer dark colors instead, here's the "userDefineLang.xml" with DarkScintilla -like Color definitions. Note: you'll still have to adjust the global style to match those colors in this userdefinelang.xml ( global back color etc ... )


userdefinelang_darkscintilla.zip 18.25 KB
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This is awesome man!! :D

This is awesome man!! :D

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+1 Good... Very thanks...

Very thanks...

3d Artist  

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