L Pass Manager

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Lukas Lepicovsky

L Pass Manager is a pass manager I created for (3ds Max 9 SP2 and above) as a personal maxscript project. It was primarily inspired by Vanilla Pass Manager, RPManager and XSI's Pass Mananger. To learn its capabilities and how to install it, please check out the Video Tutorial

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Additional Info: 

L Pass Mananger Features

--All the following can be controlled per pass!

[] Unlimitted number of object Sets (Controlled by a picker, named selection set, layer group, or wildcard)
-renderable override
-cast shadows override
-receive shadows override
-visible to camera override
-Visible to reflect/refract override
-motion blur override
-apply atmosphereics override
-render Occluded objects override
-material override
-support for particle flow

[] Unlimitted number of light Sets (Controlled by a picker, named selection set, layer group, or wildcard)
-On/Off override
-cast shadows override
-Color override

[] Common Properties Override
--Frame range
--Common properties options(Atmospherics, Effects, ..., Super Black)
--Advanced Lighting
--File Type
--Pre Script
--Post Scriot

[] Renderer override (Scanline, Mental Ray, Vray and other 3rd party)
--Override all settings of the renderer(Antialising filters, GI settings, enviroment maps etc)
--Uses standard 3ds max menu

[] BackGround Override
--Background Color / Map
--Global Lighting (tint/Level)

[] Render Elements Override
--Choice of which render elements are active

[] Atmospheres Override
--Choice of which Atmostpheres are active

[] Effects Override
--Choice of which effects are active

Additional Features

-Load / Save Presets (Installs with a quick Ambient occlusion preset, and a quick object mask preset)
-Pass per light -(Automatically generates a pass per light)
-Pass per layer -(Automatically generates a pass per layer)
-Network rendering using backburner
-Colored Object Sets(For view which objects belong to the which group)
-Hide non renderable(Ability to hide object sets that are set to not renderable)
-Copy and Paste/Paste for all properties



Be sure to check the website for latest updates!

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9.0 SP2 and Up


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Royal Ghost's picture

Link working well. I just

Link working well. I just checked it. Any way here attached rar.

lpm_pro_v1.096_max2013_beta1.rar 90.26 KB

Royal Ghost | veda3d.com

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great script

please - can somone reupload the script for max2013

cant download from http://veda3d.com


Royal Ghost's picture

max2013 install

I made a patch of 1.096 LPM to get it work with 3dsmax 2013.

Installation: Unpack .7z archive to 3dsmax root folder. You don't need use original installer.


Royal Ghost | veda3d.com

pixela's picture

I tried LPM and I love

I tried LPM and I love it.
Wonderful script! I would like to thank Lukashi for the great work and share.

akisey's picture

Must have!!

For everyone doing serious visualisation work, this is the must have plugin/script for MAX.
This should be embedded in every future release. I can't imagine working without it anymore. We tried LPM, loved it and is now integrated in our day to day workflow.

A magnificent work from Lukashi and I'd like to thank him for that!!

noel_d3's picture

When I change the wirecolor I

When I change the wirecolor I wish I could come back before.
Ditto for the hide by pass.

Best regards,


pixela's picture

Hello, I would like to try

I would like to try this script.
The download link is not working.
Where can I downlaod this?

I think it was a temporary problem with site. Now is working fine. Thanks :)

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v1.06 New Features: [+]

New Features:
[+] New API for custom operators, this will allow new node types to be easily added.
[+] Added custom operator for modifiers, allows user to pick an object per pass and change its active modifiers.
[+] Render support for EnFuzion Render Manager, http://www.axceleon.com/products.html.
[+] Added quickscript to fix particle objects that are on the wrong layers.
Fixed Bugs:
[-] Fixed a bug with render presets closing LPM.
[-] Fixed bug with LPM not closing when the scene is changed.

maknien's picture

I'm running the script on

I'm running the script on Max9 sp2, and I get this error whenever I try to render passes:

MAXscript Rollout Handler Exception
-- Type error: Call needs function or class, got: undefined

And it highlights this row on the code:

lukashi's picture

v1.05 [+] Added Deadline 3

[+] Added Deadline 3 Support, Jake Jeziorski
[+] Double Click edits a node instead of renaming it, Jake Jeziorski
[+] Renaming a node requires F2 to be pressed, or ENTER, Jake Jeziorski
[+] Major Code restructuring for RenderAPI, Jake Jezerioski / Lukas Lepicovsky
[+] Added detected for some unknown system exceptions.

Fixed Bugs:
[-] Removed "No info found on passDDL Warning"
[-] Fixed minor bug with previewMode
[-] Fixed bug in shot submission where inactive passes are submitted.

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