Mixamo To Biped Converter V1.05

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Ishak Suryo Laksono

This is updated version from previous MixamoToBiped_Converter tools.
you can get the tools here : https://ishaksuryo11.gumroad.com/l/fj...

what's new:
-add new functionality to convert mixamo character into biped rig.
-batch feature to convert multiple characters.
-rework the UI using tab system .
-fix fingers orientation when converting animation
-improve accuracy when matching shoulder/clavicle and foot bones.

This tools is specifically made for FBX character or animation downloaded from Mixamo website. it will not work for FBX file from other sources.
However you can create your own character by using auto rig feature from Mixamo website. this way the tools will be able to recognize the rig structures and convert without problems.

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