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This script makes switching to another viewport when maximized behave like pre-max2010. It prevents a reset of the view so when you switch back and forth you get the view back as you left it.

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Install intructions:

1) Drag&drop script into 3dsMax, or run the script via menu.
2) In 3dsMax go to ‘Customize/Customize user interface
3) Goto ‘keyboard’ tab
4) In ‘category’ pulldown select ‘JDBgraphics’
5) There you’ll find alot of ‘swapToLeft’, ‘swapToCamera’ etc commands. Assigning those to the t,l,f,c,b,p etc keys to override the max2010+ behavior and make it workable again.

-fix 'wierd error' bug (see comments below)

3.0 update
-Max 2013 viewtab compatibility.
-Optimized code

2.0 update:
-99% rewrite, much cleaner code
-No more errors when switching to fast
-All views now work (there was a problem with the #view_iso)
-Now works with all types of layouts, including 3 and 2 viewports setups

tip: If you want to use this in combination with the 'V' quad menu popup, just costomize the defautl quad to call these scripts.

Version Requirement: 
jdbgraphics-proviewportswitcher3_1.zip727 bytes


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harumscarum's picture

no such error in 2013

and it works mostly fine. but sometimes lost viewports anyway. i think it happens because i use more than 4 viewports. and especially if you switch from camera back to perspective view it will lost viewport

here i have one suggestion (please check attached illustration) for 4 viewports layout - fix each view for its window, so views will never confused anymore. and most important thing that when you switch from camera to perspective - you get same view that was in camera. one more issue which could be fixed is reset camera corrections (vertical shift) if was any

thank you very much fro your efforts

4vp_settings.png 55.57 KB
fael099's picture


i got the same error as everyone... win7 64, max 2012 64

geoff_packer's picture

Same Error

I get the same error. English windows 7 64 bit and max design 2011, english again.

harumscarum's picture

english max and english

english max and english windows7. no any russian characters in paths

Jonathan de Blok's picture

wierd error message, do you

wierd error message, do you have a localized (non english) version of max?

harumscarum's picture

error during installation

here i attach error message during latest version installation
max 2012*64

err.png 42.78 KB
Jonathan de Blok's picture

I'll see if I can add

I'll see if I can add something like that in the next update.

I think it will be a function that toggles between the current and the previous view.

rix23's picture


thanks for the script.

Could you add one more feature?
A possibility to switch between just active camera and just perspective as cycle.
If then user map this command to one of additional key of mouse it would be extremely useful

ps. sorry for my english :)

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