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This script will render animations and pack them into a sprite sheet. It exports the image file, the animation frame data as an XML file, and optionally a heightmap.

Improvements and Bug Fixes (v0.7)

+ Render Lists use XML. (they work now)
+ Included an option to turn cropping off.
+ Config settings are now written and read in a consistent way. (now it works)
+ Border padding has been fixed.
+ Added an option in the viewer to toggle the frame borders

* See the readme for features and instructions. (its included with the script, too)

You can create "Data Points" (point helpers with custom attributes) and link them to your scene objects. These points' positions are raycast into frame coordinates and stored with the animation data in the exported file. This technique can be used to make complex, dynamically-assembled sprites in a game.

Additional Info: 

The zip contains a folder with 2 files: "SpriteRender.ms" and "Custom.ms". Just copy the folder into your "userscripts" directory and run from there. The script will create a config file (.txt) and a readme (.hmtl) in the "Sprite Render vX.X" folder.

You may need to log-on as an administrator to run the script. In theory, because it's in the "userscripts" directory, you shouldn't need to.

Version Requirement: 
Max 8+


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Thank you SpookyCat :) I

Thank you SpookyCat :) I didn't test the encrypted version much before posting, and apparently a few things are broken. The bug you mentioned will be an easy fix (I just need to check to see if the object is deleted, and add a callback for the button label).

I'm going to rename the button 'pivot object' to 'origin object' because its really supposed to be the origin position of each frame. Also, an extra rollout is supposed to be added when you select a pivot, and allow you to change some export values.

I plan to write instructions, explain the render list and what it can store, and explain the available output values for export. Anyway, I should have an update soon.

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Very nice and handy script

Very nice and handy script which works very well. Do have a small bug, if you delete the pivot object and then render the sheet it does the rendering and then errors with pivot deleted message, perhaps it should just not start, also the button label should change to show the object has been deleted.

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