Ant Traffic Simulator - automated vehicle rigging & traffic setup

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Anton Vasilescu

Ant Traffic Simulator


Ant Traffic Simulator script allows you to rig and animate vehicles to your scene with just a few mouse clicks and it will drastically reduce the time necessary for vehicle animation in visualization scenes.

Select your vehicle and press one button to rig it. Select the path to follow and press a button to have your vehicles following it with proper wheel rotation and steering. Choose the terrain you want to be followed and with couple clicks your vehicles will follow it!

Check the features list below to see how Ant Traffic Simulator script will help you reduce the time spent setting vehicle animations:

  • Automatic vehicle rigging for multiple vehicle styles
  • Automatic secondary motion
  • Path following with proper wheel rotation and steering
  • Terrain following
  • Automatic looping on the path for continuous animation
  • Vehicle speed setting in Miles per Hour
  • Traffic setup with random vehicle placement on chosen paths
  • One click traffic randomization
  • Animated path switching to simulate lane changes
  • One click vehicle stops with easing in and out
  • Quick selection buttons for rigs and vehicle objects
  • Cars per hour calculator for realistic traffic simulation

Visit to view the example videos showcasing the majority of the unique features Ant Traffic Simulator has to offer!

Ant Traffic Simulator Panels
Ant Traffic Simulator Panels
Ant Traffic Simulator Panels
Ant Traffic Simulator Panels
Ant Traffic Simulator Panels

Additional Info: 

NOTE: This is a commercial script.

Ant Traffic Simulator is not a plug-in. The scenes created with Ant Traffic Simulator will run the same on computers without the script. You will be able to open, edit and render the scenes on any computer without the need of extra licenses.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9 SP1 and above


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berrys's picture

re: activation

activation emails have come in bulk!

script is definitely worth the wait

berrys's picture


Bought the product, still awaiting activation code. Sent emails, but still no contact.

Please respond.

JokerMartini's picture

Such a great idea. Complex

Such a great idea. Complex but useful tool. Nice work.

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

vasilescu_anton's picture

You can either link the

You can either link the second set of wheels to the ones that you would use in the rig or attach them together as a one object.

Thank you,

hagn's picture

Truck rigging

Im trying to rig a truck that has 6 wheels but only two axles(the back wheels are side by side, not back to back). I have tried a couple of different ways for doing this but I keep receiving the same error:
The number of objects in your selection does not match the required number for this type of rig.
I have tried all of this:
-detaching all 6 wheels and trying the vehicle with two back axles option.
-attaching the back wheels together as if there were only 4 wheels and used the first option for four wheel vehicles.
-deleted the second wheel in the back and tried the first option.
nothing worksss :(
please helppp!

vasilescu_anton's picture


Hi everybody,

I apologize for the confusion with the support emails. The email I monitor constantly for any support issues is [email protected] and I am doing my best to get back to you within a day. The email you receive with the license file is automatically generated and I do not monitor it!

Thank you,

burdurky's picture


I have contacted Anton on this email and he replied next day
[email protected]

burdurky's picture

support for Anton

I think his work LOOKS excellent also, and I am glad you love it, I would not know if it is as good as it looks as I have not had the chance to use it, but I would like to.

If he returns your e-mails, that's great, can you please e-mail him for me and ask him to give me some support, a working license file or at least my money back.

As far as patience goes - the job I wanted to use this script for I have already submitted with out being able to use the script, which I paid for in good faith.

lightcube's picture

support for Anton

I want to share the fact that Anton has responded to any email I have sent. I think that his work is excellent. Perhaps he is on vacation at the moment, or such... you cannot expect individual developers to respond immediately to all inquiries. If you have some patience, I'm sure he'll respond.

I give Traffic Simulator two thumbs up!


Shawn Olson

Developer of Wall Worm

burdurky's picture


As e-mailed to you twice before why do you not return any e-mails and offer NO support for your product.

The license file you supplied is not working so I cannot use your script. As mentioned in the e-mails I have an important job this would be perfect for, so why do you not respond?

If you don't want to respond, give me my money back.

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