Camera Resolution Mod

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Vladislav Bodyul

The modifier will allow you to set the resolution of the render separately for each camera.

Additional Info: 

Changing the resolution will occur whenever you select a camera or change the viewport window to the camera.

Lite Version:

  • Storing custom presets not available.



  • Added option "Move Time Slider".
  • Added renaming and updating of presets.
  • Fixed error "Attempt to access deleted modifier" when closing 3ds Max.


  • Added buttons for dividing / multiplying resolutions by 2.
  • Added button "Swap WH".
  • Added checkbox "Transform Lock".


  • Added option "Active Camera" in the update settings.
  • Fixed bug with the addition of presets in older versions of 3ds max.
  • Fixed bug where the resolution in the Render Setup window was not updated after changing the parameters or applying the preset.


  • Fixed bug with resolution setting when the aspect ratio is on.


  • First version.
Version Requirement: 
3ds max 2010 - 2021
Video URL: 
cameraresolutionmod_v1.10_lite.zip12.09 KB


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Ngariv's picture

Batch render?

Thanks a lot for the mod. It works great for me, and I was looking forwards for something like it.
Would it be possible to make it compatible with batch render? When I make a batch render, all the cameras are rendered with the same resolution (the same than the last camera selected)
Thanks a lot again.

BodyulCG's picture


Fixed. Check please v1.01.

BodyulCG's picture


Strange, it seems yes. I also have this bug. I'll try to fix it. Thank you for writing about this.

ibanksy's picture

Precision Decimals

Hi, great script!

We're having a problem with the precision. After setting our resolution (6k) and locking the aspect ratio, every now and again the precision isn't accurate enough and the resolution ends up changing slightly when opening the file or changing between cameras.

Any chance this can be updated to include more digits after the image aspect decimal point?


Recent Spaces

cmjohncheng's picture

a bug?

using physical camera with lens shift(vray), when click render, it stop at "V-Ray starting rendering..." remove lens shift, it work fine.

3dbybrunolopes's picture

Background per camera

A nice addition to this could be adding a viewport background per camera. Really useful when doing photomontages

cmjohncheng's picture

tried, cant work with default

tried, cant work with default max batch render.

NicolasC's picture

You rule, mate :)

Ok then it's a deal. Buying one lic at first to try at work next week. I'm curious to check how it behaves with some batch rendering solution (simple BatchRender for example), but this modifier will clearly help on daily work. If it works as expected, we'll take 2 more lics.
Thanks again.


BodyulCG's picture

"I Guess it's compatible with VRay PhysCam ?"

Yes, it should work with all types of cameras.

NicolasC's picture

Yes yes yes !!

Very Nice, it's a long time wish !
I Guess it's compatible with VRay PhysCam ?
Thanks a lot for this modifier.


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