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I wrote this script for a CGI animation short film I'm working on, for which I needed a fast and simple way to build a very modular environment, while still retaining control over everything.

This script gives you that control:

pick your source geometry, increase/decrease the slider values after selecting whether you want copies or instances, and either collapse or create controllers, or both.
you can create one parent controller and a child controller for each instance, or just one parent, or just only children.

compatible only with editable poly objects.

important note: this script is still in beta, and has some work left before it's actually good for public release, but I decided to put it up here in beta so you guys could mess around with it.

written in max 2012, tested in 11 and 12.

important note 2: increasing the sliders only works properly if you click the values up one by one, for some reason, max's object creation can't keep up with increasing the sliders when holding down the left mouse button, and then skips a few.
also, the "reset values" button works for the sliders, but is still a little buggy for the objects. for some reason it doesn't delete them all right away, and sometimes leaves a few behind.

anyway, i'll probably work some more on this, but for now i'm gonna leave it this way because it really has all the functionality i need for my project.

and before you start asking why i didn't just use the array tool in max: i didn't want to.


drag the script in your viewport, then go to customise user interface, under the category "MaVCArt" in the toolbars tab, should be "Eazy Arrayz". drag that to any toolbar where you wish the script button to be and you're done!

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new version available, the

new version available, the functionality has now been upgraded and should be more bugfree.
still pretty buggy once you try to use it after deleting objects the script has created though.

installation is now easier: category "MaVCArt", button EazyArrayz

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sorry for the inconvenience,

sorry for the inconvenience, the script description now states how to install it too :)

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It's listed under "DAE" in cui

if you go to cui and find DAE, you will find something called "old green building generator"....that's it.

It took some looking, but I found it.

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Not working

Hello I've put the MS in the script folder, made a sphere and run the script, nothing happens. I've searched for it through the CU interface and I can't see it listed. Any ideas?

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