Extrude/Inset/Outline Faces Modifiers

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Vojtech Cada

Set of simple modifiers that use the Edit Poly methods behind the scenes. Since the extrude modifier uses the poly extrude options and capabilities, it doesn't break on simple geometry like the FaceExtrude one does.

Extrude Faces Modifier

Compare with FaceExtrude:



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Installation: Copy the desired .ms file to your scripts\startup folder or run as a script if you only want to try it out. If you want to be able to use it from the modifier sets panel, place the .ms file instead inside the stdplugs/stdscripts folder in the 3ds max root folder. Upon running, the modifier will be available in the modifier stack. If you put it inside the stdscripts folder before evaluating it, you can add it to a modifier set for easier accessibility.

extrudeFaces.ms1.19 KB
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outlineFaces.ms1019 bytes
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Need to reapply when I load a scene (Max 2021)

I have the scripted modifiers in 'stdplugs/stdscripts', but for some reason every time I load a scene where they are used, I need to delete and reapply them.. any ideas?

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The straightened extrude only works in newer versions of max (IIRC it was added in one of the 2018 product updates and it's definitely there in 2019).

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Why did I use this after? Still the same as the default extrusion effect。

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I like it.

There will be a stuck condition when using the max 2014 modifier

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Extrude problem

Great scripts! Thanks!
I've noticed some problems using it in max2015.
The extrude modifier causes viewport to jitter, flicker and blink in black. Really weird behavior.
Also while having any of your modifiers in the stack when I put edit poly modifier on top and select some edges or vertices and then I click on modifiers rollout to add some other modifiers, the selection switches to polygon.
It's a pity, because these scripts are just what we need. :)

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It should be enough but trying that will tell you more than me saying what I think :) Either way, if the startup folder doesn't cut it, the stdscripts folder should do the trick.

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Nice! Vojtech many thanks for

Nice! Vojtech many thanks for sharing.
If I'd want the geomery to be rendered with DR, would it be enough to just put .ms files in render slaves's Scripts (or Scripts\Startup?) folder, or RUN 'em is a must?

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Can you try now? I've changed notification message that's registered to update the display, here's hoping it would work better now. There's something fishy even without the change handlers though - the first time it is applied, max nearly freezes, yet everything after that works smooth…

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Thank you its very useful scripts.
there is something wrong, if i apply (Edit poly modifier) to the object after this scripts (no detach , sub levels selections also not working properly).
if I apply edit mesh modifier everything work fine !!
-3dsMax 2018

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like very much

like very much

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