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A script that adds some more functionality to the mxs editor.

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(copy&pasted text from my site)
Started on this new script some time ago and i'm working on it on and off when I got time. At the moment it is still kinda rough around the edges and serves more like a proof of concept rather than a finished script. Anyway.
This script is meant to add some functionality to aid the scripting process in Max. The first thing you'll notice is that the scripting window and the listener is bundled into the same window. You can toggle to hide and show the listener by pressing the Listener button at the top button row.

The next thing I added is a simple outliner which shows a list with all your functions, UI elements, structs and event handlers in the currently opened maxscript. It works the same way as the ctrl + right click functionality in the editor; it will set focus where the selected element is in the script. You can toggle this feature on and off just like with the listener. Default is off.

The biggest feature of this script is an added scripting window where you can edit and compile c# and VB code. It has not very much functionality added to it, but you don't need an external IDE to compile assemblies to use in Max. You can compile your code to either an executable, an assembly or just straight to memory. There is syntax highlighting for c# only.

Before you can compile you need to configure the compile settings. If you are creating an executable or an assembly you need to specify the name and the path where you want to save the compiled results. When you are compiling to memory you just need to specify that you want to compile it there. If you need to refer to other .dlls or files add them to their respective text boxes (separated with a ',') See picture:

If you compile to memory, you can access the compiled results like this (old picture):

You can toggle this window on and off just like the others. Default is off.

The last feature is a stripped down (UI wise) version of the script explorer. Details can be seen here

Some credits: Used this as a base to poll updates from the mxs editor. Used a heavily modified version of this for the new scripting window.

As mentioned, the script is still very unpolished. But do try it and give me some feedback! :)
Download for Max 2010 and above: Click to download

Download for Max 2009: Click to download Thanks to Alexander Kramer for making it work in Max 2009!

Known bugs:
- If the maxscript editor turns all gray, just create a new script from the MAXScript dropdown menu inside max. This will refresh the window back to normal.
- If you have not set the compile options and press the compile button, the compile options are triggered but the script is not compiled. You need to press the compile script button again to compile.

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Tested in Max 64bit: 2012, 2010. Max 32bit: 2010


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Graph's picture

i didnt test it yet but from

i didnt test it yet
but from what i read you just made my day :=)

Raphael Steves

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The same what tassel said.

The same what tassel said. This is very cool!

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Nice :)it's a shame that

Nice :)

it's a shame that Autodesk has not done anything with this or prioritized this, so that a "common" maxuser in the community do this is quite amazing.


Raymond H.Ingebretsen -

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