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miauu's Polyline allows you to create splines precisely with measurements and angles. 
Now precision spline modeilng is easy and faster.
Create splines using:
- Ortho mode - it constrains drawn lines to the horizontal or the vertical
- Polar Mode - it constrain your cursor movement into predefined angles
- Freehand mode - create points without any constraints
- Arc mode - create an arc that is a part of the current spline
- Object snap tracking - mark certain points on your geometry(splines, mesh objects, grid points) and continue to draw in their projection or intersection points.

Use command line or dynamic input fields to enter coordinates and all other possible commands.


This is commersial script. You can find more information here.


Version Requirement: 
2010, 2011, 2012. 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Other Software Required: 
DotNet 3,5+
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i very very like

i very very like, please sent to your mail [email protected]. please.... thanks you so much

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Thank you. :)

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So, you essentially turned

So, you essentially turned 3dsMax in Autocad (at least in a way). Very good job! :)

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miauu's Polyline is updated

miauu's Polyline is updated to version 1.2

- Added UI to choose what to do when you want to finish drawing of the spline. When you are ready with the spline creation click with the right mouse button and UI will be shown. You can choose to:
- close the spline and start drawing new spline
- close the spline and start drawing new attached spline
- close the spline and exit
- exit(without closing the spline) and start drawing new spline
- exit(without closing) and start drawing new attached spline
- exit
When the script is started you can press the RMB and to select Start Attached Spline to start drawing spline that is automatically attached to the selected spline.

- You can enter "u" (without the quotes) to delete the last created knot. Works the same way as Alt+LMB click.

- You can execute any hotkey that not contains Ctrl. Shift or Alt key. To do this hold down the middle mouse button and press the desired keys.

- -FROM command - allows you to enter temporary reference or base point from which you can specify an offset to locate the next point. When the FROM command is active click in the viewport to set the base point or enter the base point coordinates (absolute or relative) using the keyboard. A marker will show the coordinates of the base point. Now you can use the keyboard to:
- enter the offset location from the base point as a relative coordinate
- move the cursor in the desired direction and enter the distance on which the new point will be created away from the base point
- create segment with desired length rotated along the X axis or along the line from the last knot and the base point.
Delta X and Delta Y will be measured from the specified base point.
FROM command not works when ARC drawing mode is active.

Download the updated manual from here.

Video demonstration.

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Thank you.

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Thank you.
Actually, the script works with 3dsMax 2009, but there is a glitch in the UI - the command line, Pos and Deltas fields are not shown properly. When I fix it the script can be used in 3dsMAx2009.

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Great script, has totally

Great script, has totally been a success

Thank You

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Amazing work. Thanks to

Amazing work. Thanks to people like you - miauu, 3d max stays alive.
Very important that the script will be support 3d max 2010 version.

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Thank you. :)

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I send you email


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